Posted 28 июля 2020,, 08:07

Published 28 июля 2020,, 08:07

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Sexuality has sucked out itself, the human body and the soul

Sexuality has sucked out itself, the human body and the soul

28 июля 2020, 08:07
In connection with growing scandals related to the harassment, more and more interesting and specific layers of the consciousness of my compatriots are being revealed. Society is rapidly polarizing.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

On the one hand, there are subtle, civilized natures, I would even call them neurotics, in a good sense of the word, and on the other, thick-skinned, rough, impenetrable types, so well shown in Soviet cinema, but it's incredible how they survived in the 21st century... Those that will "stop the galloping horse", full of vulgar, impudent, almost animal sexuality, a lover of greasy compliments and cheap beach passions.

What a blessing that I did not participate in any sex scandal. I'm almost a saint! However, there were a lot of vile insinuations, fantasies and conjectures in the complete absence of real events and even hints of such. These fantasies were transmitted orally by one non-journalist, he also wrote books "about me" of sexual content, as well as his friend, the under-writer Shargunov. Whom we still forced to publicly renounce what was written, that is, declare that the book is not about me. However, my image was damaged. Such people should be judged. As, in fact, and obsessive harassment. But it is necessary to distinguish real harassment from system-inspired ones, as, for example, in the case of Viktor Shenderovich.

Viktor Shenderovich, accused by a number of women of sexual harassment, most likely became a victim of an outright provocation, in all likelihood of an anti-liberal, secret service character. The writer answered these attacks quite adequately:

“I read it again and am ready to comment briefly. I didn’t obsess to discuss publicly the details of my personal life. Neither his own nor someone else's. I have something to regret and something to regret in my male life, but.

I have never written or said stupid things quoted in my name. In my relations with women, I have never resorted to violence, threats and blackmail, or the use of my official position (there never was). I did not force women to remain silent (I had no reason to force them to do this and nothing to intimidate). I physically could not threaten a woman with dismissal - I have nowhere to dismiss a person. I have never taken part in any bullying or tried to throw out anyone in the mud - the bullying and the campaign of throwing in the mud (far from the first) is again organized against me.

"New ethics", which does not allow a man to offer closeness to a woman, but allows you to publish private correspondence, avenge a lack of attention, advertise on a well-known name and slander with impunity and hard - this ethic will never be mine".

Despite such primitive provocations, I, unlike Shenderovich, still take the position of a new ethics. And that's why. There are many factors that have radically changed not only the modernist world with all its established rules of relations, but also formed a new reality, where the old methods not only do not work, but often turn into a parody of themselves. All these scandalous stories of abuse and harassment look monstrously comical, although they bring considerable mental suffering to their participants.

Feeling like a sexual object was prestigious in the 20th century, the century of the heyday of glamor, chic and Hollywood illusions. Now, to feel like an object of sexual lust is about the same as feeling desirable to be eaten by someone. Moreover, what is good for glamorous beauties is ridiculous and even pitiful for ugly men and women. In fact, throughout the entire 20th century, sexuality was squeezed out of the body and spirit, like a magic ether, a stimulating drug, a global hoax. However, not being supported by anything other than the beauty industry, completely devoid of such a significant thing for a person as sacredness, sexuality has sucked both itself, and the human body, and his soul.

I in no way speak from the position of complete asexuality. The subject can be sexy, romantic, in love. However, this will be more rare than the rule. And then, perhaps, it will regain the lost mystery.

It is worth noting the important fact that sexuality has been used and is being used to this day as political incriminating evidence, as a way of putting pressure on individuals of great social significance - writers, journalists, athletes, artists, politicians. And here we must be infinitely attentive and vigilant, so as not to bring down someone's reputation, at the same time ruining life and destiny.

In the midst of the sixties, harassment, alas, is still considered the norm. "What?" - wrote one well-known bard - "Why do you complain about harassment, we were grabbed by the asses on the trains every night, and so what?" “If someone harasses you, rejoice”, a woman echoes her on Facebook.

The majority still have a "fig in their pocket" with regard to the "new ethics". And their position could be defined by this new poem of mine.


Like a seven-colored flower

He left the old ethics.

I took this flower

And she said to him: “Stop!

Be neither kind nor cruel

Lukewarm, somehow

Not a plant, not an animal,

Not a sage and not a fool.

And when your time comes

Do not look with regret

On the tracks of their own paws".

This flower answered me,

This seven-colored flower:

"I'm not a man of the sixties,

To walk with herd morals.

I'm a hipster, I'm a buzzer

Why do you want me to die?

My soul does not allow me to,

For the market decides. "

“I like your answer,

You are beautiful, no doubt.

You are cunning, but Dr. Lector -

Is a smarter political corrector.

Grass grows in the yard

Only this is not the rights.

And in the forest without any glory,

Behind the green oak forest,

There is a moral and a saint.

But without fame - who is?

Lied, lied, lied, lied

The adherents of that morality.

This is the world's secret -

The immutability of the old ethics

Behind the facade of new rules

Where nonsense is going on.

But I would never

Force myself to change".

In the photo - the heroes of Lars von Trier's film Nymphomaniac.