Posted 29 июля 2020,, 12:40

Published 29 июля 2020,, 12:40

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Moscow developers have returned to the pre-quarantine volumes of work

Moscow developers have returned to the pre-quarantine volumes of work

29 июля 2020, 12:40
Housing developers in Moscow have reached the volume of work corresponding to 95% of the capacity typical for capital construction projects before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Almost all work was suspended from April, 13, to May, 12.

This was announced by the chairman of Moskostroyinvest Anastasia Pyatova.

"The developers were really looking forward to being allowed to return to construction, as keeping workers "in stock" is problematic. Already in the first days after the restrictions were lifted in May, construction companies gained 30% of capacity. In June, developers came out somewhere in 75% of their previous volume of work, and today they have increased capacity to 95% of what it was before quarantine", - she said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Pyatova noted that due to quarantine measures, the deadlines for the commissioning of housing for the bulk of developers in the capital have been shifted by two quarters, "in rare cases - by three".

- An exception, perhaps, is the developer MIC, who has shifted the terms for two buildings much more. But there it is not connected with quarantine, but with a change in the contractor organization, - said the head of Moskomstroyinvest.

During the first six months of this year, the cost of apartments in new buildings in New Moscow increased by 11% compared to the end of last year. Thus, the difference in price between square meters in new buildings within the old city boundaries and New Moscow began to smooth out. Instead of cutting prices, developers began to slow down the dynamics of new projects entering the market.

Let us note that the market for new buildings is experiencing a rapid drop in demand in April and May this year.

At the same time, housing in the secondary market is getting cheaper in the country. In the first half of the year, prices fell by 5%, amounting to 72.2 thousand rubles per square meter.

Meanwhile, real estate investments in Russia are falling. In the second quarter, the decline was about 20%.