Posted 31 июля 2020,, 12:27

Published 31 июля 2020,, 12:27

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Pyotr Shkumatov about alcolocks: "This initiative is absolutely corrupt!"

Pyotr Shkumatov about alcolocks: "This initiative is absolutely corrupt!"

31 июля 2020, 12:27
There are at least five good reasons why introducing a system of alcolocks in Russia is not only useless, but also dangerous.

The intention of the Ministry of Industry and Trade by the end of this year to develop a concept for the introduction of alcolocks into mass consumption, immediately received a rebuff from experts, who gave various reasons why this idea is meaningless. Public figure Pyotr Shkumatov, as usual, looked at the problem in all its diversity and reported:

“The news about the integration of breathalyzers into new cars has a number of nuances. I'll just give you numbers.

  1. Every year, 1% of all motorists in the country are drunk. 99% of drivers drive sober.
  2. The ethanol vapor measurement method is based on an electrochemical sensor. The key word here is chemical. This means that if the measurement procedure is not followed, both false positives and false negatives can occur. At the same time, chemical compounds that can distort the results can naturally be found in ambient air vapors, for example, non-freeze vapors.
  3. It is easier to deceive a breathalyzer if no one is around. To do this, you need to simulate exhalation, and this is done with the help of the simplest and cheapest device is absolutely elementary.
  4. Since the breathalyzer will be tied to the ignition switch (or to the engine start button), this moment can be bypassed both by physical intervention and by flashing the car's ECU to a "broken" version. Almost all firmware breaks, I only know a couple of car models that have not yet been broken, but it's just that their hands have not reached them. Therefore, having bought a new car, the owner will have to go to the craftsmen, who will reflash the wheelbarrow for him, turning off this miracle device to hell.
  5. Since the sensor is electrochemical, it must be verified more often than electrical sensors. For breathalyzers, this is usually every six months. That is, once every six months you will have to go somewhere to check whether the sensor really works. In reality, this procedure will degenerate into the purchase of verification via the Internet, but it will become an additional corruption burden on car owners.

But the most important conclusion from the above is simple: if 1% of motorists drive drunk on the roads, then they should be caught and punished. Why 99% of respectable motorists have to pay for a miracle for devices, which will then have to be verified every six months, why sober people have to prove daily at their own expense that they are sober, I do not understand.

PS. All this magnificence will cost 150 billion rubles at least for buyers of new cars. In reality, I believe the amount will be higher. And then verification twice a year, a couple of thousand more. In total, 150 billion rubles annually for the devices themselves and 80 billion rubles a year for their verification. I believe that this initiative is absolutely corrupt, and we must strongly oppose it. We don’t have money anyway, but here we have 230 billion rubles a year for these whistle-dealings, well, are they generally in their minds?..."

Blog readers mostly supported the author:

- It's just that someone, having come to the Ministry of Industry, from business, still cannot understand that the ministry service is not a business.

- Well, the main thing is that I drank another one like I had an ERA-GLONASS, and all car buyers will pay. So nothing new.

- Let ride with alcolocks those, who were previously caught on a drunk ride!

Let this be the solution to avoid deprivation of three years. Walked away for a year and sent a petition to change the measure. I installed it for my money and ride.

Caught drunk again - deprivation of rights for life!

For driving deprived of rights - a prison term of 1 year.

It's simple!

- If 1% is drunk, then the remaining 99% is not a fact that they drive sober. They just don't come across. And how many of them are really drunk and sober is a big question.

- Here THEY are in YOUR mind. And their mind works exclusively in favor of increasing the income of the state, which has been privatized by the elite. Therefore, THEY came up with this next way of taking money from the part of the population that buys cars. And this part has some money. The generation of "new ball" in power is not going to give something to people. Sharikov wanted to take away from the rich and divide between everyone. These want to take away from everyone and divide between their own.