Posted 20 августа 2020, 13:54

Published 20 августа 2020, 13:54

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Doctors - about Alexey Navalny: "Toxicological examination will answer many questions"

20 августа 2020, 13:54
As it became known to NI, Alexey Navalny is still in a coma on an artificial lung ventilation at the Omsk emergency hospital No. 1. Doctors describe his condition as "stable". Doctors conduct a toxicological examination.

Irina Mishina

Let us recall: Alexey Navalny was urgently hospitalized after he felt bad on the plane that was flying from Tomsk to Moscow. “On board, Navalny did not eat or drink anything”, - the representatives of the airline said.

“He went to the toilet, and soon there was a cry from there”, - says Irina Kvasko, head of the Alliance of Doctors' Patient Assistance Project. - Obviously, it was a consequence of the pain syndrome. The officers went to the toilet and stated that Alexey Navalny was unconscious. Soon after, he fell into a coma. The crew made a decision to make an emergency landing in Omsk due to the severity of Alexey Navalny's condition. There is a version that a psychotropic substance got into the body of Alexey Navalny. However, the toxicological examination should establish this for sure”, - the Alliance of Doctors believe.

It is known that before that, before flying from Tomsk to Moscow, Alexey Navalny only drank tea in a coffee shop at Tomsk airport. He did not eat any food. The police interviewed the employee of the cafe who prepared tea for Navalny. The girl says that she did not remember Alexey, because there was a large flow of people. There were 4 people working in the cafe: a senior shift, a cook, a barista and a cleaning lady. Meanwhile, the police are looking at the CCTV cameras.

Deputy the chief doctor of the hospital in Omsk, where Alexey Navalny is now, Anatoly Kalinichenko, spoke about his condition. “Alexey is on a ventilator, his condition is stable. Now there are several diagnoses that are being clarified. The diagnosis will be determined within today. There is no certainty that the cause is poisoning, but this is one of the versions. I cannot tell you in more detail about the patient's condition, since this would be a violation of medical confidentiality and 323-FZ. Poisoning may be one of the possible causes”, - said the deputy. chief physician. When asked by journalists whether there is a threat to the life of Alexey Navalny, deputy. Anatoly Kalinichenko, head physician of the Omsk hospital, refused to answer.

According to those who are now next to Alexey Navalny, there are currently a lot of police officers, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB in the hospital. The doctor did not answer the question about the reasons for the presence of law enforcement officers near Alexey's ward. At the same time, at the moment, no one has connected the capital's doctors to consultations about Navalny's condition.

Anastasia Vasilyeva, head of the medical workers' trade union Alliance of Doctors, flew to Omsk to provide assistance to Alexey Navalny. As we were told in the Alliance of Doctors, a version of his transportation to Moscow to the Institute of Emergency Medicine named after Sklifosovsky.

NI contacted the chief toxicologist of the Ministry of Health Yuri Ostapenko and asked him to comment on the situation with Alexey Navalny. “Alexey Navalny is the same person as everyone else. Anything could happen to him. It is impossible to make diagnoses from a distance. Navalny is now in a medical facility, where there is a complete clinical picture of his condition. A person could fall into a coma not only from poisoning. I think there is no need to hurry with the diagnosis, we must wait for the conclusion of toxicologists and a consultation”, - said Yuriy Ostapenko.

As it became known to NI, now in the Omsk hospital undergo a thorough toxicological examination in relation to Alexey Navalny. It takes time. Its results have not yet been disclosed.

Meanwhile, Yaroslav Ashikhmin, the attending physician of Alexey Navalny, said in an interview with Meduza about plans to evacuate his patient to Europe. “We are trying through our channels to negotiate with the Hanover or Strasbourg hospitals so that they receive him. Everything is complicated by covid, but potentially in Hannover, where there is a very good toxicology school, it can be accepted. Now it is very important that the Omsk doctors give the patient, because with all due respect, one must understand that this [toxicology] is a very specific area and there are very few schools that can guide a patient who is probably poisoned by some kind of toxin. "When asked why Alexey Navalny could not be treated in Russia, Yaroslav Ashikhmin replied: “There are two tasks: in addition to supporting [the patient's] life, you need to look for a poisonous substance, if any. The capabilities of Western clinics may be higher in terms of finding a specific agent".