Posted 28 августа 2020,, 17:11

Published 28 августа 2020,, 17:11

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"They are self-indulged": Lukashenko threatened Lithuania with the counter-sanctions

"They are self-indulged": Lukashenko threatened Lithuania with the counter-sanctions

28 августа 2020, 17:11
Фото: БелТА
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko responded to the promises of a number of European countries to impose sanctions against Belarus for the violations of human rights in the country.

Lukashenko made a statement about the possible introduction of counter-sanctions against a number of European countries, which "got drunk and forgot what Belarus is".

Lithuania and a number of other countries have proposed to impose sanctions against Belarus. EU members discussed possible punitive measures against Belarusian officials in case they fail to resolve the political crisis in the country peacefully. In response, Lukashenko announced his countermeasures.

“I instructed the government to submit a proposal to reorient all trade flows from Lithuanian ports to others. So we'll see how they will live. 30% of the Lithuanian budget is formed by our cargo traffic through Lithuania. What else does? Got sick. Therefore, to put in place",- leads BelTA quotes Lukashenko.

He added that Belarus may deny European countries the right to transit through the territory of Belarus sanctioned products, the direct import of which into Russia is prohibited due to the wave of sanctions associated with the annexation of Crimea.

“And even if they don’t dream about sanctions products”, - Lukashenko threatened.

The aggravation of the internal and foreign policy situation around Belarus began after the presidential elections on August 9. The country's Central Election Commission announced the victory of Lukashenko, but the opposition accused representatives of a number of election commissions of falsifications.

None of the presidential candidates, with the exception of Lukashenko himself, as well as the leaders of some European countries, the United States and Canada, recognized the voting results. Residents of the country began to go to protest actions, demanding fair elections, and the security forces resorted to harsh detentions and beatings of civilians. This caused a wave of indignation throughout the world. Protests in Belarus continue to this day.