Posted 18 сентября 2020,, 14:12

Published 18 сентября 2020,, 14:12

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Muscovites are perplexed: the Ministry of Emergency Situations warned of the beginning of the cataclysm when it already ended long ago

Muscovites are perplexed: the Ministry of Emergency Situations warned of the beginning of the cataclysm when it already ended long ago

18 сентября 2020, 14:12
SMS messages to the Muscovites and the residents of the Moscow region about a thunderstorm with the downpour, hail and strong winds began to arrive five hours after it began.

Yesterday, as you know, the weather in Moscow and the region changed dramatically: in the afternoon the clouds thickened, a thunderstorm struck, a downpour started, and the wind rose. Well, then everything is as usual - rivers of water and traffic jams. The Emergency Situations Ministry's “concern” about Muscovites and guests of the capital was also common: SMS warnings about a natural disaster began to arrive on their phones at least five hours after the start, that is, when they essentially ended, turning into an ordinary rain. And most importantly, such, to put it mildly, delays have become traditional. But I remember that, for example, after the catastrophic flood in Krymsk in 2012, the federal authorities swore and swore that from now on they would warn about such phenomena in advance. Eight years have passed... No, truly, in Russia you have to live a long time to see at least some changes, and all the same - die without seeing them.

Here is what the historian and political scientist Sergei Medvedev from the Moscow region wrote about this:

“From 14.00, as all forecasts promised, a powerful atmospheric front came from the west, branches and billboards flew in Zvenigorod, gutters could not cope in Moscow, cars stopped on Mozhaisk highway, afraid to move on. By 19 the elements had calmed down, by 21 the sky had cleared, the moon peeped through. But I kept waiting for the coveted message, every now and then checking my smartphone, and here it is, finally, from the Ministry of Emergencies at 21.52: "On September 17th, Moscow is expected to have a thunderstorm, showers, hail... do not park under trees, etc".

Never before have these messages arrived on time, but always - after natural disasters, so to speak, in the footsteps. This is some kind of special skill - always to notify after the fact. It’s like they’re sitting there somewhere in a bunker, cutting into World of Warcraft or drinking tea or scrolling Tinder, and when people on the networks are already starting to post videos of flooded streets and fallen trees, they leave the game or chat and write an alert - but that's all. it is equally not sent out immediately, but a little later. Apparently, this is the highest state meaning: first to let the layman feel the full power of the elements, and then to show paternal care, albeit with a delay and already unnecessary - but the more the person realizes the game of higher powers and his own insignificance ... "