Posted 28 сентября 2020, 07:05

Published 28 сентября 2020, 07:05

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Paradoxes of history: the rule of law in Russia existed only under the tsars

28 сентября 2020, 07:05
According to the value of the Rule of Law Index, our country weaves at the very end of the ranking, yielding to many African states.

Economist Dmitry Milin cited extremely interesting data:

“The Institute for Research on Democracy Options V-Dem, which is headquartered at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), in April 2018 published the results of many years of work of its more than 3 thousand employees.

Among the published data on about 500 indicators characterizing various aspects of the democratic process, the level of observance of law, the prevalence of corruption, civil and political freedoms, and other public institutions for more than 200 states of the world, the Rule of Law Index (RLI) occupies a special place - one of the most important indicators characterizing the level of legal development of human society.

Rule of Law Index values range from 0 to 100 (on the graph - from 0 to 1). According to data for 2017, the maximum value of the RLI among the countries of the world was found in Norway (99.3), the minimum - in Azerbaijan (2.7). Russia, with a RLI of 16.2, is predictably in one of the lowest places - 161st among 178 countries for which the corresponding results are presented. Higher than in Russia, the RLI values were recorded in such countries as the Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Haiti, Somalia, Egypt, Togo, Cuba, Afghanistan.

The most valuable in the published database are the first historical estimates of the Russian RLI for each of the years of the period 1789-2017..."