Posted 6 октября 2020,, 08:26

Published 6 октября 2020,, 08:26

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"It was an order from the Kremlin": Navalny repeated his accusations against Putin

"It was an order from the Kremlin": Navalny repeated his accusations against Putin

6 октября 2020, 08:26
Opposition politician Alexey Navalny, who was discharged from the hospital after being poisoned with the Novichok battle poison, spoke on Yuri Dud's program, where he repeated the thesis that Putin was behind his poisoning.

On October 5, Navalny and his family went on the air of the VDud program, where he spoke about the details related to the situation around the poisoning. According to Navalny, the situation with Novichok is about an attempted contract political assassination.

“The peculiarity of the technique that was applied is that only specially trained people can apply the Novichok. You can't just say, "Guys, here's a bottle or a liquid, do it". Most likely, they will poison themselves and kill themselves instantly”, - Navalny explained.

He is convinced that the killers who use chemical weapons are specially trained people.

“And that is precisely why this is one of the circumstantial evidence that, of course, it was an order from the Kremlin. It could not be an oligarch or a corrupt official who has gone out of control, because the aggregate Novichok and the people who possess and have to use it are five people in the Foreign Intelligence Service and five people in the FSB”, - the politician explained.

He clarified that after what happened, the story is deliberately "sheathed" with external information "noise", which is designed to distract the audience's attention from the essence of what is happening.

“We know how political assassinations were committed in Russia. And what the federal channels tell us is a typical example of the question being withdrawn from its essence. “Nemtsov shot himself”, “Politkovskaya was poisoned by her relatives”, - explained Alexey Navalny.

Earlier, with the assumption that Putin may be behind his poisoning, Navalny said in an interview with Spiegel magazine. After that, the Bundestag deputies called for the introduction of sanctions against Russia.

In an interview, the politician again noted that he survived thanks to "a fortunate coincidence": the pilots of the plane urgently landed him in Omsk, and the ambulance doctors immediately gave him atropine. At the same time, he recalled that his wife had to "fight with the doctors" in order to pick him up from the Omsk hospital. Chief physician of the Omsk hospital He called Alexander Murakhovsky a man “worse than intelligence officers who kill people. For them, murder is at least their profession. And this man, who calls himself a physician, knows everything - and is lying to the world about "metabolic disorders". According to Alexey Navalny, Alexander Murakhovsky should be tried.

Previously Alexey Navalny announced his readiness to sue the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov for his words about the cooperation of the injured politician with the CIA.