Posted 13 октября 2020,, 06:58

Published 13 октября 2020,, 06:58

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Three governors who won the election turned out to have something to hide from the voters

Three governors who won the election turned out to have something to hide from the voters

13 октября 2020, 06:58
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In at least three regions of Russia, the victorious governors have something to hide from their voters. "Important stories" found undeclared objects, expensive real estate and business friends who received government contracts.

Undeclared real estate and Rosatom apartment

The elected head of Komi, Vladimir Uyba, according to Vostochnye Stories, for several years did not indicate in the declaration about 10 real estate objects that are located in the Kaluga and Moscow regions and belong to his wife Galina Kazakova. The publication estimates their total cost at 70 million rubles.

According to Ilya Shumanov, Deputy Director General of Transparency International - Russia, the “hole in the law” allows one to avoid responsibility for non-declaration of property when moving from one position to another in different authorities. Recall that Uyba has headed the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) for more than 15 years. And at the beginning of 2020, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Health of Russia, but did not work there for long.

Shumanov suggests that the anti-corruption divisions of the Ministry of Health ignored the provision of incorrect information about the property.

As noted by "Important Stories", two years ago Kazakova began to get rid of real estate objects - she presented them to her business partner Svetlana Biyatova. Shumanov believes that it can only be a nominal owner.

The publication also drew attention to an apartment in Moscow, which was privatized in 2007 by Uyba's 20-year-old son, Stanislav. It is noted that the real estate belonged to a subordinate enterprise of Rosatom.

"Departmental apartments should be provided only for the period of labor relations, and it is impossible to privatize service housing," says Grigory Mashanov, a lawyer for Transparency International - Russia. According to Vosthnye Stories, Uyba's son did not work at Rosatom at that time.

10 days after receiving the apartment, Stanislav presented it to his mother, Irina Uyba . But after 4 years she sold the property. According to Mashanov, the deal could have been made for his son, since his mother had previously privatized housing.

Daughter's overseas property and spouse's company support

As Navalny's headquarters found out, the daughter of the Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko - Julia Richard - owns an apartment and a restaurant in Nice. Their possible cost is estimated at 170 million rubles.

However, Important Stories also found other Richard's real estate - several land plots and non-residential premises in historic buildings of St. Petersburg, which can cost about 500 million rubles. The governor's daughter, according to the newspaper, rents out space for restaurants.

In addition, in 2017, Richard bought land plots with a total area of 88 thousand square meters. m in the village of Lebyazhy, Leningrad Region, and in 2019 sold them to Nikita Bobylev. His father, Yuri, is considered a “comfortable businessman from the inner circle” of the current governor.

Richard also owns two land plots with a total value of about 355 million rubles and an area of 45.6 thousand square meters. m within the boundaries of St. Petersburg. Nearby there is an interchange of the Ring Road. According to Vostochnye Stories, Richard worked for the Murino Management Company, which was the investor in the first stage of the junction construction. 40% of the funds for it were allocated by investors from among the developers.

“They invested money in the project and donated their land plots to the regional government through the Murino management company. It was profitable for developers to cooperate with the Leningrad Region, since the transport accessibility of the area increased the cost of housing in their new buildings. If the developers refused to give the land free of charge, the Murino Management Company paid the region for the redemption of these lands, ”write“ Important Stories”.

Irina Drozdenko, the wife of the Governor of the Leningrad Region, has been earning more than her husband for seven years, as evidenced by income declarations. In addition to stakes in two companies, she heads the state educational institution "Multicenter for Social and Labor Integration" for people with disabilities. The institution is located in the same area as the governor's wife's guest house with a swimming pool. It was opened with the support of the regional government.

In September of this year, the governor presented the Russian Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov with a dish painted by the pupils of the Multicenter, and also asked him to give the institution the status of a federal center. Kravtsov promised to consider this possibility.

Close friendship with a businessman

The elected governor of the Rostov region, Vasily Golubev, has a close relationship with businessman Ali Uzdenov. Together they are working on a project to preserve the population of saigas and wild geese, reward football players and fly in the same helicopter.

“If neither the administration, nor Golubev himself pays for the helicopter, but a third party pays for them, then this can be interpreted in different ways. If a third party pays for a helicopter in exchange for certain services, it is a bribe. If certain services are not available, this can be regarded as accepting a prohibited gift if the governor flies while performing his official duties”, - Mashanov, a lawyer at Transparency International - Russia, believes.

In addition, the children of Golubev and Uzdenov, until recently, had shares in a company engaged in renting and real estate management.

At the same time, another company of Uzdenov Jr. (DRSU Yuga) has repeatedly received government contracts. In particular, for additional work on the reconstruction of Stanislavsky Street in Rostov-on-Don. This street is considered the most famous long-term construction in the city. Work began in 2016 and ended in 2019. Although initially the object was planned to be commissioned for the World Cup. The delays also occurred due to the poor quality of the work. For example, workers in a hurry filled the tram tracks with asphalt.

The total amount of government contracts received by Uzdenov Jr.'s company in the Rostov region is estimated by Important Stories at 412 million rubles. The largest of them is for the construction of a cemetery in Rostov for 267 million rubles. However, the work was not completed on time, and later the contract was terminated by agreement of the parties. The volume of work performed was estimated at 260 million rubles, that is, almost the entire amount of the state contract.

On the same day, Uzdenov Jr. withdrew from the authorized capital of DRSU Yuga. And two months later, the authorities filed a lawsuit against this company, demanding a penalty of 75 million rubles.