Posted 6 ноября 2020, 13:34

Published 6 ноября 2020, 13:34

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Billionaire Igor Rybakov told how he recovered from coronavirus

6 ноября 2020, 13:34
Billionaire Igor Rybakov on his YouTube channel talked about how he recently had a coronavirus, commented on information about the second wave of the disease in Russia and related measures, and also explained why Covid is no longer in China.

"It was terrible. Temperature, withdrawal, loss of smell. Well, in general, a painful condition: the symptoms that describe, they all I had. My wife, Katya, told me, go and get a smear, I went and did it. And the result showed that there was some kind of RNA - positive. An ambulance arrived at the place of registration, but I do not live at the place of registration. So a week passed, I did a CT scan. The doctor looked and said everything is clean.

The doctor says they come to us with positive RNA marks, we check them - they have everything clean. They come with a negative, check - full lungs, all sick. Correlation is not very stable.

As soon as I felt bad, I went into self-isolation. I spent two weeks at home, undergoing treatment. At the same time, family members walked beautifully nearby, at a distance of one and a half meters, all the things.

Of course, it was difficult, because my wife could not come up to kiss me. And I, too, could not approach her. Air kisses were exchanged.

Where did you get infected? Well, I went, hung out... I went to St. Petersburg. Trains, planes, transfers, meetings. In general, I did not have many meetings during this period, but in St. Petersburg there was the most intense program, so, let's assume, I got infected there.

I was treated like this. The first is ginger tea: ginger, honey, lemon, boiling water, you pour tea and constantly drink a lot. This was the most basic medicine. Further - vitamin "D" to activate immunity, vitamin "C" all these ascorbic acids, and so on.

When they checked me on CT and showed that everything was clean, but I was coughing up and coughing, the doctor prescribed me inhalations.

I was scared too. I thought now that 90% of lung damage will roll over - what can be funny about that?

I am sure that it helped me that for six or seven years I have not been drinking at all, I have not smoked. I remember when I smoked and the seasonal viral infection came, I was twisted, just a disaster. There were antibiotics, injections, and so on. Now I don't drink, I don't smoke, sports, yoga, back and forth ...

Of course, vitality, good mood, self-esteem, good deeds in the social transformative actions that we do - all this creates such a basis for the fact that it is not time to die, in short. In short, I'm not ready to die.

You need to breathe clean air and wash your hands, observe hygiene. Nothing new. It was always needed. And then all this nonsense follows: how can you protect yourself with gloves if there are viruses on the gloves? People take these gloves with their hands ... In short, everything has already been proven, re-proved that this is all nonsense.

When a crowd of people, well, probably, you need to put on a mask, if you have any secretions, you cough, if the ailment needs to be closed.

When I got caught, I wore a mask. At home he wore a mask, he was all exemplary.

In fact, this hysteria that we have now has a lot of nonsense in it.

Those who are sick now all sin for the "crown". And a person, for example, has acute appendicitis, he has contractions, he urgently needs to operate, he is taken to the hospital, according to the rules - he needs to be checked for all these covid cases, the laboratory does not work, you have to wait a day. Day! During this time, acute appendicitis gives such an exacerbation that a little more, another two hours and the person will die.

Well, what a second quarantine and new restrictions ... I don't think this will happen. Shops demand masks, but there are a lot of people in the metro, and how many people are in queues ... Therefore, all these self-restrictions or restrictions are really good in order to somehow prove themselves to the authorities there.

“We care and in a fit of our care for you we want to do this.” But these measures do not give any result. Statistics show depressing indicators of influence, and it shows that we get sick exactly the same as without these measures.

Those who say that we will still be ill are right.

Therefore, we must not rush to get sick, - there is nothing to add here, - let's not rush to get sick, but we will still get sick.

Covid-19 is a political tool. An absolutely powerful and very serious political instrument.

And the first wave of quarantine closures in Europe, in Russia, and in almost all countries, with the exception of Sweden and Belarus, led to very powerful political consequences.

Social unrest, collapse of economic chains, and so on. Politicians, in this sense, occupied dominant heights and were able to show who is the boss.

People gave politicians power and politicians used this power to rigidly implement these measures, restrictions, force people to wear masks, stay at home, and something else ... They collapsed the economy with their own hands.

But at the same time, politicians fulfilled their mission and showed who in the house - in the countries - has power.

Now look what is happening in China now. There is practically no registration of new cases of the disease. Why? What, no one gets the flu in the fall, right?

It's just that China has turned off coronavirus and other viral infections from the sphere of political instruments of influence! Turned it off. Everything!

The political setting is this: guys, well, people get sick, but you shouldn't attach any decisive importance to this, shout about it. And if you say - we will close you. And that's all, in China no one gets sick, although in fact, of course, they get sick, just no one talks about it.

The second wave is already underway in Russia. The politicians are repeating again: “The second wave! Restrictions!”, And so on. That is, the political instrument is already fully engaged.

But the economic restrictions - namely, the announcement of the weekend, the announcement of the closure of production, and so on (not yet)... I think a 10% decline in the economies of countries is enough to show what the price is for this".