Posted 25 ноября 2020,, 10:39

Published 25 ноября 2020,, 10:39

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TV calls on Beria to establish vaccine production

TV calls on Beria to establish vaccine production

25 ноября 2020, 10:39
Telepropagandists admitted that it is only possible to make and promote the Russian anticovid vaccine to the market using the proven practices of creating an atomic bomb.

Sergey Mitrofanov

The period has begun quite monotonous in terms of news and opinions, which is why you start to believe the evaluative analytics of RBC: “The authorities have stopped making plans for the future, as if it will not happen. On the contrary, it tries not to get involved in anything... The regime seems to dig itself a den and change the biochemical balance before long hibernation".

All the same lament for Trump, which, if only stayed for another four years, "would greatly help our cause". All the same rinsing of Zelensky who turns into Poroshenko. Moreover, dizziness from the success of the upcoming Sputnik-V vaccine, which Putin nobly promised to provide to all countries in need at the G20 summit, organized as an online conference.

Incidentally, at this conference, Putin finally "met" Trump. Moreover, the TV showed as if the irreplaceable Putin was represented by a large screen, and the replaced Trump by such a small trump at the bottom, which was emphasized. A TV joke, of course, but there is undoubtedly some grain of truth in it. Irreplaceability is, of course, cooler than changeability.

Partly for the pre-New Year's information break, another regular call from Russia to condemn the "glorification of Nazism" worked, as if someone somewhere stoically trying to heroize the deceased leaders of the Third Reich, but Russia does not. But this is such a proven "trick" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when there is nothing to do and say, because it is believed that no one in their right mind will publicly protest against such a resolution, except for self-exposed Russophobes. And if they suddenly come out, then we will hit them.

“Who wants to be associated with Nazism, raise your hand”, - A. Naumov, deputy head of the foreign policy department of Kommersant, remarks on TV with sarcasm.

Indeed, no one is going to raise their hands and protest, but they didn’t hurry to support either, which was what they expected. 122 states voted for this document, 53 abstained, and two states - the USA and Ukraine - leaned out against, thus earning a wave of reproaches and insults. The usual and expected result.

Ukraine and the United States did not vote "for", rightly believing that when Russia opposes the allegedly German Nazism and for the unforgettable principles and conclusions of the Nuremberg Tribunal, then by doing so it hits not the dismantled Reich 65 years ago, but all those countries that today, the Soviet occupation is also considered an occupation. And it turns out that where decommunization is being carried out today and monuments to Soviet liberators are removed from the central squares to storerooms, then there they seem to glorify the dead Nazis, and this, according to Russian politicians, runs counter to UN decisions that , in the end, under a certain set of circumstances, it can be assessed by some kind of sanctions.

Or even the fact that "we can repeat". Moreover, the role of “where to repeat” on TV is often and unambiguously assigned “deserving external control” Ukraine, and this means the Czech Republic and the Baltic states.

I would venture, however, to express my own opinion. The experience of the Nuremberg Tribunal is undoubtedly unique and extremely positive, especially in terms of international condemnation of fascism and totalitarianism as a political phenomenon. Here Russian President Putin is right and cannot be wrong. He is, as it were, handed a hammer, with which he breaks the "dog's heads". However, it is hardly necessary to make this experience absolutized, spreading it today, with such persistence as is shown by political Russia and its propaganda.

After all, it is difficult for any more or less informed person to get rid of the fact if he remembers about Nuremberg that Andrei Yanuaryevich Vyshinsky was also the prosecutor there, who had previously just as fiercely acted at the Moscow show trials, where law, justice and not smelled, and the matter ended with a terrible meat grinder and a historical trauma of the country and people for many decades.

In other words, Vyshinsky could not be an honest anti-fascist in Nuremberg and a dishonest cannibal in Moscow. There is either one or the other, choose.

So it is hardly surprising that with all its historical significance and importance of the first significant attempt in the history of mankind to create institutional "rules of good", the Nuremberg trial did not tell the whole truth about the beginning of the world war, did not give an objective assessment of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and did not introduce this document into the international public space, which honest people of goodwill must take into account, and the politicians of the countries in conflict with Russia can use it.

And Nuremberg could not do it then, even if he wanted to. How could he not condemn the crimes of Stalinism (for example, the Katyn execution; the Katyn execution generally failed somewhere in the Nuremberg documents, or was written off to a heap by the Germans), since the Stalinist USSR, in fact, was in the main judges of this process, and the Western countries, partners in the anti-Hitler coalition, for some reason, stuck their tongues in a place where these languages were completely invisible and audible.

These aspects were not touched upon in the USSR for many decades. Why it seemed that anyone who thoughtlessly sings of Nuremberg binds himself also to some dead silence. These aspects were not touched upon during the global online forum "Lessons of Nuremberg", to which "all regions of Russia without exception, 30 foreign countries, tens of thousands of participants around the world" and the museum on Poklonnaya Gora were connected.

I myself would have joined the "lesson" if I knew ahead of time that such a forum was taking place and that they were going to "teach".

Pharmaceutical race

As expected, the competition for the best vaccine turned into a serious ideological confrontation.

The TV announced, and, probably, is right in this: whoever is the first to make and deliver the vaccine to the population is a superpower. It can be named with pride. And gigantic profits are also at stake. After all, it is expensive to vaccinate all of humanity. The economy immediately turns into kings. At the same time, in Germany, the airport was already allocated for future vaccination ( * show ), but what and where in Russia is not very clear.

Although Russia seems to be in the lead, and we have been announcing the creation of an absolutely cool vaccine for more than half a year, outperforming competitors in price / quality, which Russia offers to everyone right and left, and some countries are already lining up behind it, remembering the first man in space, the Bolshoi Theater and rockets.

At the same time, it is strange that Russians continue to die with even greater intensity. And not the most ordinary Russians.

So, recently in Moscow at the 59th year of life (before entering a potentially dangerous age category), the former mayor of Khakassia, who had been undergoing treatment since August, died! Nothing helped. No modern techniques. Hello, where is your wonderful vaccine? And where are the vaccination centers for millions?

And then it suddenly became clear that there is a vaccine, and it is really very good, and the cheapest of those offered by world pharmaceutical companies, but it is almost impossible to establish its production. Skabeeva in amazement. Since the production of such a vaccine requires centrifuges, and all centrifuges in Russia are of foreign origin. The smiling scientist Alexei Deikin admits this.

Aha, another statesman will say here, but we told you that globalization does not lead to good. And that European integration is a bluff. People are wolves. Especially Europeans. Not only will they not help, but they will put a spoke in the wheels, since Russia. You must have everything of your own. Although it is not clear how exactly wolves and globalization prevented from having their own centrifuges and their own world-class pharmaceutical company?

On the contrary, globalization would not have interfered with ordering these centrifuges abroad if Russia had not been in opposition and under sanctions. And even under sanctions, it would also not hurt to order such centrifuges, since the sanctions do not apply to medical needs. But they say, nevertheless, that Putin called Macron (after he, Lavrov and Zakharova pompously declared France trade sanctions for Navalny). Give, they say, Comrade Macron, to us centrifuges. And Macron, apparently, somehow hesitated from this request. Not that he squeezed the centrifuges on purpose out of harm, but I probably remembered that the French also need them.

And even then to say, the French president is not the owner of any centrifuges there, he still needs to see what is in the warehouses in France.

But in the end everything will probably be decided, the State Duma deputy is sure. We will do it somehow and overcome all difficulties. We need to build a full-fledged plant (six months ago it was necessary to start), or go to friendly China, they will build us there with pleasure. The deputy recently, like everyone else, watched the series "Bomb" and was convinced that the vaccine had to be made from the very beginning like an atomic bomb, that is, from scratch and with comrade Beria at the head. So that he quickly mobilizes everyone, institutions, factories, intimidates, and that the whole cycle is strictly domestic. A vaccine, apparently, to steal (if you continue by analogy with the TV series), choosing from the best Western samples.

They laughed, but also thought. Eh... December is already in the yard.