Posted 10 декабря 2020, 14:47

Published 10 декабря 2020, 14:47

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Will you be fifth? Russians share their impressions of vaccination

10 декабря 2020, 14:47
For some, the vaccination with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine did not cause any unpleasant sensations, while others complained of feeling unwell for two days.

Journalist Sergey Dolya shared his feelings about the vaccination process with the domestic drug Sputnik V:

“I got it.

An electronic vaccination record was opened yesterday. Everywhere they wrote that, first of all, workers of the educational system and doctors could be vaccinated. Moreover, they clarified that it is not necessary to be a teacher, you can just wash the floors at school.

I signed up. There were no restrictions. There are empty slots for recording - the whole screen, that is, from needy doctors and doctors, I obviously did not take a vaccine from the heart with my recording.

Before the vaccination, I decided to prepare and wrote myself a certificate stating that I am me. I thought that I would be turned back anyway, so I did not adhere to a strict bureaucratic form.

I came to the clinic. I was sent by mail in advance detailed instructions on how to get a ticket from the machine at the entrance. Everything worked fine.

I went up to the floor. Three adorable nurses and a bearded doctor met me at the elevator. First, he filled out a questionnaire that he was not sick / did not participate / was not noticed, etc. After that I went to see a therapist. At the office I was met by another lovely nurse who immediately ran me to the doctor.

Apart from me, there was not a single patient on the entire floor. Just me and the girls with the bearded doctor.

The therapist very friendly and calmly explained everything, explained, wrote down. She asked me what I have to do with medicine or education. I answered honestly that I sometimes speak to children in schools in geography lessons. This was enough. Nobody even looked at my super-certificate from the place of work. Well, I have a piece of paper on my knees with a seal and okay.

Everything was going too perfect, but in the end I was still given my fly in the ointment. It turned out that the vaccine comes in ampoules designed for 5 people at once. The ampoules are frozen and until 5 people are filled, it is not thawed.

I was told that I had to wait for someone else to come, so that there were five of us. They say that the Internet is already littered with jokes about "Will you be fifth?"

In general, I sat in the corridor with the charming nurses for about an hour, until 4 more people pulled up. At some point, the bearded doctor even jokingly wanted to send one of the girls out into the street, to find someone who wants to be vaccinated.

As a result, the quorum gathered, excitement passed through the offices, the girls ran around and as a result the bearded doctor said: "Defrost it!"

After 20 minutes I was vaccinated as the first of our cohort. An injection is made in the left shoulder. Once again, they talk in detail about the vaccine and what side effects can be. It was recommended not to drink alcohol (emphasis on the first A) for at least a couple of days.

They said about possible symptoms that if the temperature is below 38, then it is better not to knock down. Temperature is good. This means that the body is producing antibodies. They said to drink more, because, in fact, it is just an intoxication of the body.

After that, they asked me to sit in the hallway for half an hour to make sure that everything was fine with me and I did not faint after vaccination. At the same time, one of the nurses walked along the corridor all the time and closely watched everyone.

When I left, they wished me not to get sick and everyone smiled. They asked to send all their friends and relatives to them. There are many vaccines - both vaccinations (both the first and the second) have already been delivered to the clinic, and there are few who wish.

Several hours have passed. My flight is normal. There are no symptoms. I will die - I will write..."


Another journalist, Ivan Zhilin from Novaya Gazeta, who, according to his acquaintances, is young, strong and hardy, who loves long hikes and river rafting in hard-to-reach places in Siberia, described admitted that some time after vaccination he “felt temperature.

In the evening, a pulling pain in the shoulder began. It gets worse over time: it seems as if the shoulder is swelling. By 10:00 pm I feel like my skin is about to burst. It is impossible to touch the injection site: even a light touch makes you want to scream ... By 23:00 you get chills. It's impossible to escape under the covers - it's still cold. You can't take a warm shower - the doctor forbade wetting the injection site. At the same time, there is no temperature ...

The night passes in delirium. I realize that I am constantly tossing and turning and talking in my sleep.

December 7: 7:00. My wife says that at night I obviously had a high temperature. We didn't measure it - it was just hot. I can not get up. Head splits. Weakness. Falling asleep again...

Finally, at 10:55 am I get up. The temperature is not high, only 37, and my head hurts as if I had a severe hangover ... Nurofen relieves the headache. All that remains is wild fatigue and a still itchy shoulder..."

True, after a day, the temperature dropped to normal:

“I slept for almost 11 hours (got up at 10:55) and by 19 hours I want to sleep again. However, apart from weakness and pulling pain at the injection site, there are no painful signs..."

However, at the end of December, the introduction of the second part of the vaccine is due, and only then, according to the assurance of doctors, antibodies should appear...