Posted 13 января 2021, 08:13

Published 13 января 2021, 08:13

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Our TV decided that the Capitol thugs came there to have an excursion

13 января 2021, 08:13
Russian TV propagandists are outraged by the way American democracy has dealt with its president and his supporters.

Sergey Mitrofanov

Actually, we expected it. America really gave the world an unforgettable New Year, when we watched our August 1991 in Washington, mixed with October 1993. But now the task is to interpret as much as possible. We stopped at the fact that power in America is weak, but there is no democracy there.

It is not clear, however, how one can be combined with the other. However, the TV perfectly combined this.

So why is power weak? And then that the current president of the United Pants, the most powerful man in the world, was unable to overcome the blocking of his Twitter account, which was caused by the corporation. After all, Stalin (and even Putin) would probably have acted differently. Stalin would simply shoot everyone who has anything to do with Twitter content, and Putin would declare them foreign agents (and they really are foreign agents) and impose fines and taxes. The President of America has no such instruments. Therefore, the power in America is obviously weak. Deputy Zhuravlyov exclaims with sincere indignation: "How can you block the president?" It’s impossible with us.

But the government is weak, and the state is still a police force, and real totalitarianism reigns there. Maybe it seemed to you that since you can block the president's account on the Internet, then this is just a manifestation of democracy and the resistance of civil society to authoritarianism? An, no. TV bypasses this question, but emphasizes that there may have been an attempt on freedom of speech (* this point of view was supported by Illarionov, Navalny and the philosopher-publicist Vitukhnovskaya) and that this “weak government” cannot be fooled.

When crowds of Trump supporters entered the Congress building to perpetrate a small pogrom there (in the version of Russian TV - for a tour), the police guarding the place were forced to resist decisively. And, in general, they repulsed the attack, although both sides suffered losses. One policeman and four protesters were killed, just like in August 1991. But at the same time a wide field of sympathy was opened ... for the attackers.

No, of course, they broke windows and stormed the locked doors - this is documented - they climbed like pirates on ropes to the balconies, but why?

Just to see what's inside. Political scientist Dmitry Mikheev: "Trump supporter protesters came to Congress on a tour!" So, one unfortunate woman was shot to death when she tried to squeeze through a previously broken window for sightseeing purposes. And there is no doubt that what happened is really terrible, because a worthy woman simply succumbed to the general mood. But let's put ourselves in the place of the security service.

Trump tararam. Inside, the congressmen are hiding under tables, and creepy people (here, by the way, a guy with horns) rush into the building, often drunk, and not only to look, but to rob a little. The media bypasses the photo of the broken mirror, just like in the Winter 1917. And someone happily takes out some kind of bedside table, or a table, and then decides to sell an antique trophy through a trading platform on the Internet. Whether those rushing inside had a real weapon or not is unknown. But then it turned out that plastic ties (handcuffs) had been prepared. For what? Tie hated Pelosi and lynch her? And yet there were weapons in some places, - says the American FBI.

Could this seemingly spontaneous demonstration develop into a real coup?

Hard to say. Nancy Pelosi believes that everything was planned. Russian TV thinks not. On the contrary, - says Russian TV, - it was a manifestation of true democracy, like a Maidan, because the people came to their Congress, personifying the primordial right to direct democracy when it was usurped.

If you do not know, this often happens in Russia. People often come to the Duma and express their satisfaction, for example, with an increase in the retirement age or a new tax on interest on bank deposits. And no one is arrested for an unauthorized action. No, haven't you seen that?

And you won't see that in America either.

And if they did, Trump could say that the people are for him and would refuse to transfer power to the next President Biden. God only knows how it would have ended then. After all, one American trumpist of Russian origin continues to hammer me on Facebook with his YouTube video, in which he claims that the church and the army are for Trump, therefore, there is only a minimal effort left.

Another trumpist of Russian origin, Natalya Nikitskaya, presents her TV as a journalist of an unknown media, although she, according to her, is a participant in a campaign to Congress (* lives not in Washington, but in Greenville, South Carolina), - claims that here, on march, there will be no future unless Trump comes. So, apparently, there will be no future in America anymore, and the FBI may come to the "journalist" Nikitskaya, - TV worries, - which has begun the hunt for the protesters.

Another question that TV tries to explain is who are “good” and who are “bad” in this story of the pogrom.

A member of the Public Chamber, a sad girl Maria Butina: "It's not good anywhere". Deputy A. Zhuravlyov: “I like it. And to my voters too”.

According to propagandists, the march to Congress is a middle class revolt against the oligarchic elite.

(* And it is clear that we, propaganda Russia, are on the side of the middle class. In Russia, not on the side of the middle class, but here in America, on the side).

But according to another explanatory version, Biden and the Democrats are not only representatives of the bourgeois oligarchic elite, but almost no socialist-communists pushing America towards communism, from which we can conclude that the American bourgeois oligarchic elite is communist. If this is not a crazy theory to drive as many propaganda users crazy as possible, then explain what then?

However, all of these conspiracy theories rest solely on the claim that Biden did not win the election and Trump did not lose. That the elections were stolen, and the courts and procedures were somehow massively rigged against the current administrative resource.

(* In fact, this is a completely fantastic assumption; usually, if they falsify, then it is precisely those who have administrative resources, and not vice versa) .

However, this version does not find any evidential confirmation (* if they tell you the opposite, then, most likely, they lie) and beats against a fact revealed to us in sensations: in the entire civilized world, most people seem to breathe a sigh of relief that Trump is finally leaving. and the failed march to Congress finally closes his path to run for president someday for the next term.