Posted 18 января 2021,, 13:51

Published 18 января 2021,, 13:51

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Personal experience: "How I got vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine Cansino and what happened as a result of it..."

Personal experience: "How I got vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine Cansino and what happened as a result of it..."

18 января 2021, 13:51
The experimenter's body reacted rather sharply to this vaccine, so he would not recommend it for mass use.

Network analyst Vitaly Yegorov decided to experiment on himself and try the Chinese vaccine Cansino against the coronavirus, an online advertisement for the participation in the third phase of the study of which he noticed on the Web.

Cansino conducts clinical trials in different countries of the world, including Russia. It requires 9,000 volunteers to be recruited, although the full study includes 40,000. They do not pay anything for participation in the tests, but they write out insurance in case of coronavirus disease during the research, i.e. within 12 months. It is impossible to get sick from the vaccine itself, but in half of the cases, volunteers receive a placebo, and the risk of catching the infection in everyday life remains. The vaccine also does not give 100% protection, but how well it protects and does it give any serious side effects, and it is necessary to find out during the study. In Russia, such research is carried out in 14 regions. After filling out the questionnaire, Yegorov went to the doctor's office, where he was asked a few more questions: did he have a crown, are there any chronic diseases, do I take any medications all the time... The first step is to donate 25 g of blood, and the same will have to be repeated after 12 months. This is written in the contract, and especially touched by the explanation: "25 g of blood is five teaspoons".

“The injection is practically painless, but after it you need to spend another half hour under the supervision of the medical staff in case of an acute allergic reaction. In my case, no effect was felt and went home with peace of mind. It was around 5:00 pm on Friday December 18th.

The first hours after the injection there were no changes at all, there was not even a trace of the needle on the hand. There was a fear that I got a placebo. This is the worst for the subject, because A placebo does not provide any protection, but to complete the study, you will have to live for a whole year like the whole previous one - with all the precautions: masks / gloves / sanitizers / glasses. In my case, noticeable side effects began by 2 am, i.e. about 8-10 hours after the injection: chills began, and a couple of hours before that - a slight ache in the muscles.

The more the chill pounded, the more joy there was from having received the vaccine. Won the main lottery of 2020!

An unusual sensation when you experience the full range of symptoms of the disease: chills, fever, headache, heart palpitations, but at the same time you do not feel any negative effects from pathogenic microbes. With an increase in temperature, the body reacted to the introduction of viral particles of adenovirus (seasonal cold), which are used in the vaccine as a means of delivering the necessary genetic code of the coronavirus to our immune system. In this case, the adenovirus itself is not active, i.e. it cannot multiply and harm the body with its vital activity, therefore the whole reaction of the body to an injection is the work of immunity.

Thoughts in the sick head remained clear, so I enthusiastically observed the work of the system for ensuring the thermal regime of the body..."

Doctors advise: in order to avoid overheating of the body and a rise in temperature, you can disrupt its plans: do not wrap yourself up to your ears in a thick blanket and maintain convective heat transfer and radiation. Therefore, Egorov covered himself with a light blanket and opened the window. However, by the end of the night he had to crawl under a thick blanket, and in the morning the thermometer showed a frightening 39.7. The load on the heart also increased - up to 112 beats per minute. The high pulse lasted more than a day. An attempt to bring down the temperature with the help of Teraflu did not lead to significant success - the thermometer showed 38.7, but then again above 39. But the blogger had a chill, and the open window and rubbing with vodka to bring down the temperature worked better than paracetamol:

“All Saturday, the temperature hovered around 39, and there were concerns if this was normal. I called the phone of the doctor who gave the injection. His answer did not help much: "This is normal, it will pass soon, take a pill of paracetamol and go to bed". But the therapist friend expressed more fears. From his explanations, I realized that the main harm that too high a temperature can cause is for the brain, so in case of fever it is important to keep your head colder than the rest of the body. He also recommended several drugs, besides paracetamol, but I decided to do with folk remedies - a cold wet towel on my head worked. On the second night after the injection, before going to bed I still drank a pill of paracetamol..."

In the morning, on Sunday, the blogger's temperature dropped to 37.6, the head still hurt, but it was clear that the immune response to the vaccine was decreasing. By the evening, the temperature dropped to normal, the appetite returned, although the tastes became very specific. At the end of the day, Yegorov was able to get out to the store, and collected pickles and tomato juice.

“I wanted something salty and pungent. The next three days, there was a noise in the head and a feeling of a slight hangover, but a week after the injection, almost all of its consequences disappeared, only the injection site ached slightly - like a bruise from a blow. On the second week, this sensation also passed.

To be honest, I did not expect such a sharp reaction of the body to the vaccine, and my personal experience does not allow me to recommend it for mass use. Such adventures are only suitable for a healthy body that regularly engages in physical activity. I wouldn't wish my parents such a weekend, although the virus is even worse. Although, according to the second phase of research, the higher the age, the weaker the body's response to vaccination.

Despite everything about my experiment, I do not regret at all, and I recommend that all healthy people be vaccinated as soon as possible, primarily because the young and asymptomatic are the best carriers. I continue to observe..."

More details about the vaccine and its mechanism of action you can find here.