Posted 18 января 2021, 08:06

Published 18 января 2021, 08:06

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:37

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Tragic December: last month of 2020 broke regional mortality records

18 января 2021, 08:06
In Mordovia alone, compared to December 2019, this figure is more than doubled.

Popular blogger Vladimir Stechkin drew attention to a very unfortunate fact: mortality in our country in recent months has been growing by leaps and bounds. After analyzing the statistics of Rosstat and data from regional registry offices, he found out that, for example, in December last year in the Tula region, this figure increased by 70% compared to December 2019.

The situation in other regions of Russia is not better, but even worse. Thus, in the Krasnodar Territory, excess deaths increased by 15.7%, amounting to 10,980 people over the year.

Moreover, December 2019 figures exceeded December 2020 by 82.4%!

Mordovia became the record holder in quotation marks.

In it, the December 2019 figures have more than doubled!

Most likely, and in the country as a whole, December 2020 can be literally a deadly month.