Posted 18 июня 2021, 06:43

Published 18 июня 2021, 06:43

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Russian viral revolution of 2021

18 июня 2021, 06:43
Алина Витухновская
The socially infantile power, concerned exclusively with the question of its self-preservation, absolutely mediocrely disposed of the huge resource at its disposal.

This is about the experimental base of the military complex, specialized institutes and laboratories, as well as extensive experience in the development and testing of biological weapons.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

This is the very historical chance, just a unique case when Russia, so painfully striving to convince everyone around of its inescapable righteousness and, moreover, obsessively insisting on its greatness and exclusivity, could try to save the world in its current specific situation. But apart from terrorizing neighbors and trading in hydrocarbons, its current version turned out to be no longer capable of anything.

The dubious placebo - "Sputnik V" - not only was not a panacea, but rather gave false hope to millions. Of course, Russian society is no stranger to it. He is constantly fed with false hopes - either stale communism or expired imperial pathos. Typically, most of the countries that were offered the Russian "Sputnik V" subsequently refused it. And it is no coincidence.

In this situation, it is absolute cynicism to demand universal compulsory vaccination. Vaccinations with what? After all, there is no objective, reliable scientific data on clinical trials of this product with a strange name. I do not belong to the category of anti -vaccines, but fighting a dangerous, constantly mutating virus with poorly understood vaccines is sheer madness.

Everyone who is campaigning for Sputnik V today with a blue eye is an accomplice of a system that refused to save the population at a critical moment and therefore offers the people a dubious untested vaccine on a voluntary-compulsory basis.

The motives of such ingenuous agitators are utterly simple - they are afraid of a general revolt, because they will be the first to fall under the distribution. After all, they have nowhere to run, and they have no protection. "Viral riot" sounds good! And the Viral Revolution is even better!

It is also worth noting that some of those who call upon them will rush into the pool of the supposedly salutary universal vaccination banally acting on orders from above, being in one way or another incorporated into the state system. This is the very case when publicity works against such initiators, because their frightened protruding systemic ears will then be impossible to hide back.

An artistic interpretation of everything that is happening now in Russia could look like this:

“The population of the country, accustomed to constant suppression, practically did not react to the serious deterioration of the epidemiological situation, and the few who whispered in the kitchens did not do the weather. Surprisingly, a large part of the citizens even fell into a kind of blissful trance. As if they didn't care anymore. Don't give a damn whether live or die. Or maybe they imagined themselves in the very paradise promised by the President? Who knows.

The notorious "Sputnik V", widely advertised on TV and offered free of charge to everyone, did not act from the word at all. And even rather it worked strictly in the opposite direction.

The army was vaccinated first, but after a large outbreak of the disease by mid-summer in one of the parts of the Moscow region, their enthusiasm greatly diminished. However, the military continued to be vaccinated everywhere, putting an ordinary saline solution for the pro forma, and in the reporting sheets indicating, of course, the very "Sputnik V". Civil servants and state employees followed their example.

Meanwhile, the scale of the pandemic has become truly threatening throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. An absolutely unprepared huge country found itself at the foot of the great peak of the third coronavirus wave. This is how the Russian Virus Revolution of 2021 began".

And I want to conclude my article with an accurate statement by the Russian culturologist, literary critic and publicist Nikolai Podosokorsky:

“Already every day I have been observing a fierce competition in the FB - who will scold and ridicule the stupid, mistrustful, apathetic, ignorant, dark Russian people who are brighter, sharper and juicier than others, who do not want to flee, flashing their heels, and expect a strict commanding shout. The most progressive people call for compulsory vaccination and regret the current government, which got such a poor people, consisting, for the most part, of stubborn and dangerous idiots. All the same, totalitarian consciousness is our everything! We believe in communism, the good tsar-father and the miracle vaccine as a panacea for all ills and together we hate anyone who, as it seems to us, stands in the way of universal prosperity. And in paradise, as you know, you have to drive everyone with iron boots and under the threat of execution.

No, this post is not against vaccination, it is against bullying and discrimination against those who, for some reason, are not going to get vaccinated, whether for medical reasons or for some other reason. Only hell can be forcibly built, which we have been doing with great success for many centuries. And, of course, when instead of economic stimulation of the vaccinated and intelligible, intelligible stories about the benefits of vaccination, only scolding and threats are heard, this, rather, indicates the weakness of the initial position. However, enlightenment is now banned here, and forceful methods have become universal. We rely on them".

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