Posted 2 июля 2021,, 16:33

Published 2 июля 2021,, 16:33

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Former French Prime Minister Fillon joins the board of directors of Zarubezhneft

Former French Prime Minister Fillon joins the board of directors of Zarubezhneft

2 июля 2021, 16:33
Фото: AFP / Thomas SAMSON
Former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon (pictured) joined the board of directors of the Russian state-owned company Zarubezhneft. Recall that he was found guilty in the case of embezzlement of public funds.

Earlier, on June 11, it became known that Fillon is a candidate for inclusion in the company's board of directors. And after he entered there, the ex-Prime Minister of France was included in the list of Zarubezhneft's affiliates. It happened on June 28, RIA Novosti reports. Together with him, the deputy head of the Federal Property Management Agency Alexei Pavlov entered the board of directors.

At the same time, former Deputy Minister of Economic Development Oksana Tarasenko and Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexei Kozlov were excluded from the list of affiliated persons. They are no longer on the board of directors of Zarubezhneft.

Fillon told Le Monde that he was offered to join the board of directors of a Russian state-owned company, as in recent months "accompanied several European companies in Russia." It is known that the former prime minister of France and the president of Russia have “long-standing friendly relations”. In March 2021, a meeting took place between them, the details of which were not specified.

Recall that in June last year, a Paris court sentenced Fillon to five years in prison (of which three were suspended), finding him guilty of embezzling public funds. The wife of the ex-prime minister received a suspended sentence in the same case. Fillon was also banned from holding public office for ten years. The essence of the matter is that, while serving as a deputy of the National Assembly, Fillon appointed his wife and children as his assistants. As a result, the family “earned” more than a million euros.