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Published 9 июля 2021,, 08:57

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The "Death Clock", counting the end of Israel, stopped in Iran

The "Death Clock", counting the end of Israel, stopped in Iran

9 июля 2021, 08:57
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In Tehran, in Palestine Square, a huge display suddenly went out, on which the countdown to the destruction of Israel was going on. Many observers believe that "this sabotage" was staged by the Jews. In fact, due to the intense heat in Iran, power outages began.

Sergey Kron

The "Death Clock" was set in Tehran in June 2017 by Iranian activists opposing the existence of the Jewish state. The countdown began from "8,411 days". This number is believed to be a reference to the words of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who declared in 2015 that by 2040 "nothing will be left of Israel, the mother of terrorism!" The same words in several languages are engraved on the body of the famous "chronometer".

According to Novye Izvestia information, the Kremlin has become interested in stopping the Iranian clock. At least, an Il-76 of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has already departed from Zhukovsky near Moscow, carrying a powerful diesel generator and a team of specialists to Tehran. Russian craftsmen must repair the clock that measures the time before the destruction of Israel. It turns out that now in Iran there are no specialists capable of repairing such a complex mechanism. Therefore, the Iranian Council of Guardians of the Constitution appealed to the Russian government for help.

“We understand what an important role this watch plays in the life of the Iranian people. Therefore, they immediately raised the alarm at the engineering and technical center of the Emergencies Ministry, loaded the equipment into the plane and now they are already in the air”, - the Russian Emergencies Ministry said.

Interestingly, most of the watch parts are produced in the USA and ... Israel. If they need to be replaced, it will be impossible to purchase them. Both Russia and Iran are under international sanctions. But, according to preliminary information, the leaders of the Chelyabinsk watch factory "Molniya" assured the Iranian side that if the watch could not be restored, they would make new ones as soon as possible and would take them to Tehran by plane!

How Israel will be "eliminated"

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called for the destruction of Israel, saying that the "barbaric" Israeli state "can no longer be helped, you can only destroy it." He called his plan "9 key questions about the elimination of Israel." In it, he explains in English why Israel should be eliminated and replaced by a Palestinian state. Thus, the first point says that "the false Zionist regime tries to achieve its goals with the help of infanticide, violence and cruelty and does not hesitate to brag about it." In connection with the above, the Ayatollah refers to the late Khomeini, who argued that "the only way to put an end to Israeli crimes is by eliminating this regime."

At the same time, Khamenei noted, the destruction of Israel does not mean "the mass murder of Jews in this region," but the use of "practical and logical mechanisms proposed by the Islamic Republic that operate in the international community." As a proper way to "dismantle Israel", he proposed to hold a referendum in which all immigrants from Palestine will take part, excluding Muslims, Christians and Jews. " Based on the results of this vote, it will be decided whether the "non-Palestinian emigrants" can stay in the country or whether they will have to return to their homeland.

In social networks today, there are numerous statements that, they say, Tehran is able to wipe Israel off the face of the earth in half an hour. But the very professional think tanks of the CIA and the Mossad do not think so. In open reports from these special services, it is said that the Ayatollah regime carried out a rather effective PR campaign on the alleged success of its missile programs. However, the accuracy and reliability of the main Shahab and Mescats do not give rise to serious fear of these weapons. Random people will suffer from their strikes, while the F-35 will destroy power plants, nuclear institutes, and industrial enterprises. Moreover, the United States will help as much as possible with satellite and other intelligence.

The United States conducted an analysis of the situation and assessed the outcome of a potential war between Tel Aviv and Tehran. Military Watch magazine experts, for example, believe that weapons of mass destruction will not be used. In addition, the potentials of the allies of Israel and Iran will not be used. The technically obsolete Iranian Air Force will be defeated by more modern Israeli aircraft. At the same time, experts admit, the Iranian air defense system will cause a lot of trouble to Tel Aviv. Iran will respond to Israel's air strike with a massive attack with ballistic and cruise missiles of its OTRKs on the territory of the Jewish state, while simultaneously sending its attack drones against Israel. Military Watch considers the ground part of the conflict to be inevitable as well. Most likely, the armies of Israel and Iran will cross the borders of Syria and Iraq and begin to draw closer to each other. The result will be a draw, since neither side will be able to achieve a decisive advantage. At the same time, after the end of the armed confrontation, a humanitarian crisis may begin in Israel, since Iranian missiles will cause significant damage to the infrastructure of crowded Israeli cities.

Israel has a long time to live

Commenting on NI 's current relations between Israel and Iran,Vladimir Sazhin , senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences , said in particular:

- Tehran constantly talks about the destruction of Israel. For this, apparently, they created their famous "death clock". All this is pure propaganda. The Iranians understand that it is impossible to destroy the Jewish state - one of the most developed in the world - in one fell swoop! In addition, it is known that Israel can respond to the aggressive actions of the Iranians with a nuclear strike. Today it has about 80-100 nuclear warheads. So, the Israelis will be able to protect themselves and will live in their state as long as they want.

Recently, the expert believes, the Iranian-Israeli confrontation has shifted towards Syria. The Iranians and the armed groups under their control view their presence in southern Syria near the Israeli border as their strategic asset in the confrontation with the Jewish state. After all, the Syrian-Israeli border is a very important psychological barrier in the Iranian-Israeli confrontation.

- Israel's primary tactical task is to expel the Iranian armed forces from Syria and reduce the level of influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the military-political situation in the Middle East. In general, it seems that Jerusalem in its relations with Damascus wants to return to the state before 2012. Then, despite the disputes over the Golan Heights, Israel and Syria managed to maintain peace, and the Israeli-Syrian border both under Hafez Assad and under Bashar Assad (before the arrival of Iranian and pro-Iranian militant groups in Syria) remained the most peaceful border of Israel, Sazhin said. ...

Israel's strategic goal is to deny Iran the ability to develop nuclear weapons. This topic became especially acute in 2020-2021, in connection with the sharp activation of its nuclear program by Tehran, the level of development of which has largely surpassed 2015, when the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear program was approved.

“In this regard, the Israeli military are updating their plans for striking nuclear facilities in Iran and are ready to act independently of the United States,” said Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz. He stressed that Israel has identified many targets within Iran, which, once destroyed, could deprive Iran of the ability to develop a nuclear bomb. “If the world stops them sooner, that's very good. But if not, we must act independently and must defend ourselves, ”said Gantz.

It is not for nothing that Israel is urgently modernizing its Air Force, purchasing from the United States the latest F-35I stealth fighters and KC-46 Pegasus tanker aircraft. KS-46 will allow the Israeli Air Force to reach any targets throughout Iran, increasing the offensive potential. Israel has about 200 F-16s and about 20 F-35I units. Powerful armada! Analysts fear that such arms purchases in Jerusalem may mean real preparations for an attack on Iran, said Vladimir Sazhin.