Posted 26 июля 2021,, 11:17

Published 26 июля 2021,, 11:17

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed to seize foreign passports from debtors

The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed to seize foreign passports from debtors

26 июля 2021, 11:17
Фото: Загранпортал
The government commission on legislative activity approved a draft law prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs that allows the seizure of foreign passports from debtors.

According to Interfax, citing data from Vladimir Gruzdev, Chairman of the Board of the Russian Lawyers' Association, the bill provides for the possibility of confiscating foreign passports from citizens who are restricted from traveling abroad. These include, for example, citizens who have been declared restricted to travel abroad due to non-enforcement of court decisions.

"The initiative empowers the interrogators of the compulsory enforcement service to seize passports", - the statement says.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, interrogators should not keep confiscated passports, but are obliged to transfer them to the authority that issued them. For example, to the migration service.

If the debtor complies with the court's decision, then the employees of the migration service will be obliged to return the passport to the owner.

According to the bill, those bodies that have decided to ban a person from leaving the Russian Federation are obliged to inform him about this during the day. This can be done both in person against signature and by e-mail. Investigators, investigators or FSSP employees will be required to send a copy of the order to the debtor.

In addition, if during the inspection the security forces establish that the passport has been issued or issued with violations, they will be able to declare the document invalid and also withdraw it.

The amendments prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs have already been preliminary approved by the government.

Earlier it was reported that it was decided to remove mandatory data on marriage and children from Russian passports. Realtors fear that this could provoke a wave of real estate fraud, which will lead to numerous troubles among home buyers.