Posted 2 августа 2021, 08:15

Published 2 августа 2021, 08:15

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The Ministry of Health allows hospitals to use medicines purchased by patients and funds

2 августа 2021, 08:15
The Ministry of Health allowed medical institutions to use medicines purchased by patients and charitable foundations. The ministry's order on this matter appeared on the portal of regulatory legal acts.

Changes are being made to the rules of compulsory health insurance. According to the amendments, patients will be able to use drugs in clinics that were purchased for them, for example, at the expense of the federal budget under the program "14 high-cost nosologies".

As reported by "Kommersant", before the hospital could use only those drugs that were purchased at a pharmacy clinic. If doctors used third-party drugs in their treatment, the hospital would be fined. The amount of the fine reached 50% of the cost of the medical care provided.

The question of legalizing the use of drugs purchased by patients has been a long time ago, co-chairman of the All-Russian Union of Patients, Yuri Zhulev, told the publication. On the one hand, the MHI fund did not have enough funds to provide patients with medicines, on the other hand, it was prohibited to use medicines purchased with third-party funding sources. In particular, the problem was relevant for patients with hematology oncology, multiple sclerosis, oncology and other diseases, he noted.