Posted 2 августа 2021, 10:07

Published 2 августа 2021, 10:07

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Tomorrow never comes: images of the future from the country's leading parties

2 августа 2021, 10:07
The programs of all systemic Russian parties are so far removed from real life that voting for them is absolutely useless.

Dmitry Milin, analyst

Quietly rustling tires on the Kremlin pavements, the electoral campaign for the election of a new composition of "push-buttons" to the State Duma is coming to its home stretch. There is 1.5 months left before the elections. and it is still not clear why Russian parties are going to the Duma, what kind of future they are proposing. I will try to draw images of the future of the leading parties of the Russian Federation.

The future of United Russia is an endlessly continued “today” with a proud look back in search of some imaginary and real victories that can be celebrated loudly while our officials are sawing the state budget, constantly demanding from Duma members a constant increase in taxes and extortions, accompanied by constant the same restriction of the civil rights of citizens.

In short, the future of United Russia is even more taxes for even fewer civil rights under the bravura marches of endless victory, under the stagnation of the economy and the stuffiness of public life.

The future from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is a return to the USSR, when the leaders of the party were young, their girls were beautiful, and their nomenklatura future was cloudless and predetermined. Everything, as it is now under capitalism with foreign cars, cell phones and full store shelves, but so that everyone is equally divided, and the party nomenclature is a little more equal, through special distributors. And so that there was someone to provide all this with goods, the monster Stalin with the GULAG and "sharashki" modestly peeps out from behind the smiling communists.

The future of the Liberal Democratic Party is an endless carnival and distribution of money from the master's shoulder. "Everything to everyone", without thinking where it all comes from! Why bother? All the same, they are not going to win the elections. Major participation and financial arrangements. Politics for the Liberal Democratic Party is a fun business when everything (including associates and sponsors) is sold and everything is bought.

The future from Fair Russia is an Unconditional Income for everyone. Work, do not work, and the state must provide you with everything you need. The question remains: who will produce goods and provide services if everyone does not need to work? But this is not a topic for "Fair Russia", now "adorned" with the figure of Zakhar Prilepin with blood on his hands.

The future from "Yabloko" - "let's join hands friends", "our union is wonderful", "we will clear our ranks" and we will go somewhere in the infinitely beautiful distance.

Russian political parties have no other future for us.

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