Posted 11 августа 2021,, 06:36

Published 11 августа 2021,, 06:36

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Latvia introduced an emergency regime due to the situation with illegal immigrants on the border with Belarus

Latvia introduced an emergency regime due to the situation with illegal immigrants on the border with Belarus

11 августа 2021, 06:36
The Latvian government on Tuesday agreed on the introduction of an emergency situation on the country's border with Belarus due to the influx of migrants who are trying to illegally cross the cordon. The emergency regime will operate in the country until November 10.

Earlier, such a proposal was made by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the country, Maria Golubeva. "The state of emergency is introduced on August 11 in Ludza, Kraslava and Augshdaugava districts, as well as in Daugavpils," she wrote in her Twitter .

She added that the strengthening of security at the border will occur immediately after the announcement of the emergency.

According to the agency LETA , border guards were allowed to use physical force and special equipment in order to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border and facilitate their immediate return to Belarus. The border guards will be assisted in this by the police and the military.

Let us remind you that Latvia, like Lithuania, faced illegal migration of refugees from Belarus. Since the beginning of the year, 343 refugees have tried to cross the border illegally, 283 of them in the last five days. The country's authorities have tightened controls at the border, as well as accelerated the construction of a fence to prevent refugees from entering the country. The project implementation cost is estimated at EUR 27.6 million.

A similar situation with migrants has developed in Lithuania. Since the beginning of the year, about four thousand illegal immigrants have fled to the country. The country has also declared an extreme situation. A fence began to be erected at the border, and the border guards were allowed to shoot to kill . To reduce the flow of refugees, Belarusian migrants were promised to be given 300 euros (about 25.8 thousand rubles) each, if they agree to voluntarily return to their homeland. The authorities of both countries call on the European Union to intervene in the problem, since illegal migration threatens not only the Baltic states, but the entire European Union.