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Published 27 сентября 2021, 07:33

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Circus with red horses, or the last battle of the money-keepers with schizophrenics

27 сентября 2021, 07:33
Алина Витухновская
I would like to stand up for the Echo Moskvy radio station, which is being aggressively attacked by Alexey Navalny and those people for whom he is an authority.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Not only has the FBK (Anti-corruption foundation - Organization Banned in Russia - editor's note). Turned into a totalitarian sect before our very eyes, Alexey himself acts as an odious totalitarian guru, with whose opinion it is not customary to argue. He demonstrates all the traits of an authoritarian personality.

If already now he behaves like this with the media representatives who have been providing him with information support all this time, then it is quite logical to assume that he will behave in the same way with his other associates. I'm not even talking about how he disposed of his rank-and-file assets (protesters), most of whom ended up in the firebox of the system and they were not provided with the promised (!) Legal and financial assistance. Except for the units to which it was provided for PR and pro forma.

I see the situation in such a way that today, by the hands of Alexei and his supporters, one of at least relatively free media is being destroyed. I assess the policy of FBK (an organization banned in Russia - editor's note.) As extremely destructive.

Alexei Navalny is a political prisoner and should be released. But I don't want to see him on the Russian political field anymore. And I think it is not an alternative to the current authoritarianism, but a dangerous continuation of it.

“For many politicians and especially political scientists, to recognize the fact of the establishment of an absolute (!) Dictatorship in the Russian Federation is to be left without work. Start answering real, not virtual, questions both to society and to ourselves. But without the recognition of this fact, the matter will not budge", - I wrote this on 23 September.

But the next day (what a surprise!) They came for the communists! All this is already reminiscent of the totalitarian surrealistic anecdote "The wolves ate each other out of fright".

A dictatorship without ideology is just an all-consuming bureaucratic mechanism and nothing more. Everything that happens only confirms my idea that glamorous authoritarianism has turned into a dictatorship not by virtue of some inevitable historical laws, but only by virtue of the fact that someone (in this case, FBK (Organization Banned in Russia - ed.) began to convulsively tug at all the levers in a row, being inside the train, rushing straight to hell.

The system is now operating in a cytokine storm mode. Therefore, as a result, its self-destruction is possible. However, now we all run the risk of being under its rubble. Therefore, I propose not to act in a favorable way for her "action-reaction", which I talk about in detail in my recent video interview.

“Russia blushed with shame,” writes a well-known political scientist. But no. This is not the 19th century. And not even the beginning of XX. In today's RF, no one is ashamed. Russia is about "everything is permissible." And about "depending on whom" of course.

First, you voted for the communists, forgetting about your ideological preferences. Now you will pity them as victims of political terror. And then you will be hysterical, cursing the red revenge? Well, after all, the sequence is exactly that, right? You say - these are the "wrong" communists, not real, Khokhloma tube counterfeits, a soft version.

Without a resource, they are not real! And with a resource - they will be quite real. You complain that this power (the gray Politburo) has no ideology and is focused only on money. So it would be her ideology, it would be even worse. Ideology "seriously", especially all this leftist delirium in the 21st century, is not only a political atavism, but also a pathology of consciousness.

A man with the speaking surname Rashkin stands under the Pushkin monument with a crowd of communists and demands the terrible Strasbourg court. This is an infernal caricature show, where the party of babalone came to support the party of schizophrenics. In principle, there was no political in Russia. And what was - was reborn into a circus of freaks. The tragedy was transformed not into a farce, but into a trash tent, a circus with red horses.

Finally, Garry Kasparov voiced the “open secret,” namely the fact that one of the foundations of the regime is not even the siloviki, but the systemic liberals. As a result of their policy, they did not receive any gesheft, but also did not allow others to receive it. On the other hand, in my opinion, the significance of the conventional Kiriyenko is greatly exaggerated. In general, the intellectual capabilities of the systemic liberals themselves have been exaggerated. For if they were smart, they would be in power, not in service. He also criticized the "smart vote", which only worked into the hands of the Kremlin. Moreover, there was an option that the West did not recognize the results of the elections. However, what would have been realistic in a boycott situation now becomes unlikely.

Today I had to remove a lot of offensive comments from the supporters of FBK (an organization banned in Russia - editor's note) , mostly ordinary bots, no worse than Lakhta trolls. Who, apparently, acting according to one training manual, offered me "not to chat, but to go to jail." It seems that these people did not even bother to read my biography.

With this approach, with such dirty political technological methods (which differ little from the Kremlin ones), what do you count on? Change the sign in the Kremlin? The face on the TV? Gray on red, how are you doing now? Who are you, Lesheviks? Now you are latent communists. In fact, they are political shape-shifters, the flesh of this regime.

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