Posted 12 октября 2021, 12:27

Published 12 октября 2021, 12:27

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Yulia Vysotskaya: "Russia is like a mother, even if she is sick, you cannot leave her"

12 октября 2021, 12:27
On Dmitry Bykov's YouTube channel "ZhZL / Miserable Substitution of Literature", Yulia Vysotskaya spoke about why she became an actress, and explained why she would never leave Russia.

“If there is a brain, you can give yourself an account.

Actually, I'm really a terrible introvert.

And the scene, I think, is my psychotherapy, subconsciously chosen from childhood in order to get rid of some complexes and get some kind of love that I did not receive.

I don't go to a psychotherapist either, and only after a lot of champagne can I tell my friends something, but I won't tell you anything in an interview! (laughs)

A huge number of complexes (I have), stop, of course, huge, my God...

From the length of the legs and the thickness of the waist to the inability to sing, the inability to do on stage the way you want, the inability to play chess...

The stage is a holy place.

…I used to think that I could live everywhere, that nostalgia is a made-up concept. Not invented.

It's like a mother ... Even when the mother is already old, sick and dying, one must not quit.

Is it important for you to be needed? Here it is for me.

I worked there. She played performances in Italy, in Italian.

Something there in London I tried... I studied there, tried to go to some auditions.

Nobody needs me there.

Yes, of course, they will say, without Konchalovsky, no one would need you here either, a lot of things can be said.

But I just understand that here I can find the right words.

This is my language, these are my people, I understand everything here with my skin.

Everything in Italy is sweet, beautiful, pleasant, I adore Italy, I adore Italians, I have many friends. But nobody needs me there.

Everything is completely different here".

The full conversation with Yulia Vysotskaya can be viewed here.