Posted 3 ноября 2021,, 16:01

Published 3 ноября 2021,, 16:01

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On herd and mental immunity in the era of rapper Oksimiron and coronavirus

3 ноября 2021, 16:01
Алина Витухновская
In a situation where inherently compulsory vaccination in Russia does not work, namely, the growth of morbidity and mortality does not stop, and the vaccinated continue to get sick, even such a state as the current Russian has a backup plan.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Let us recall the “Doctors' Plot”, when the repressive Stalinist machine, by the hands of high-ranking Kremlin doctors, removed part of the party elite, then blaming everything on the performers themselves.

According to the latest information from the American intelligence report on the origin of the coronavirus, disagreements arose within the US intelligence services themselves over two main versions - biological (zoonotic) and laboratory. Accordingly, the Russian special services, as an unsuccessful copy of the Western ones, will be forced to repeat the trail in the trail after them.

"Those vaccinated against coronavirus can get sick, because the Delta strain has a special character of interaction with the body", - said Alexander Gintsburg, director of the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology.

COVID may well be a revolutionary new factor. That is why such harsh measures are being taken, which in a dystopian perspective will look like a total compulsory vaccination, stigmatization and persecution of "anti-Axis", in fact - any critics and doubters, up to the introduction of martial law.

Here the military themselves can be the first to rebel. And we will receive a ready-made script for the new "Mad Max". "Bandits" who refuse to be vaccinated and pursue them by zombie-enforcers in delirium of post-COVID-19 syndrome with cognitive distortions. In general, COVID is not a nightingale transit for you.

But in any, even the most negative situation, there are advantages. It may sound trite, although it seems to be something new every time, but humanity, having undergone many natural disasters in its history, including pandemics of previously unknown diseases, has always emerged victorious and moved on. The only question is at what cost.

Judging by all the efforts that have been spent on countering COVID and its causative agent, it is too early to formulate unambiguous conclusions, but one thing can already be said with certainty. We are dealing with the unwillingness of most state systems to accept such severe challenges and respond effectively to them. Another conclusion follows from this - these systems must and will be reformed. And this also applies to the political (primarily) component.

Every global mistake is not just a statement of hopelessness. This is the field of reference for a new reality, in which there should be no place for previous failures. This is the starting point for qualitative systemic changes - in science, medicine and management.

My cautious optimistic forecast is that by the end of next year, the pandemic will come to naught due to the natural depletion of the destructive potential of the coronavirus, which has passed through many millions of immune barriers.

Herd immunity is a rather speculative construct. But mental immunity is a very tangible phenomenon. And he sagged considerably. What we see on the example of the "gray star" - Oksimiron, which says that people can be imposed on anything as relevant.

What is rap? This is a low genre of subjectless court protest, which is limited to literally three or four main themes. Prison, substances, relationships and money. What do we want from a low genre? Something "indecent" digestible. That is, pop. There is no pop in Oksimiron. There is a tortured claim. There is a socially approved sociality, presented as an existential message. Infantilism and a simplified scheme of perception and response.

This is monstrously boring and not very talented. "Why to talk shit that we write will the declare". Such things are presented to us as high poetry about the present day. In general, Tsoi died and woke up Oksimiron. But why? Who promotes and sponsors all this? The Sistema always acts as a sponsor of any project "for a general decline". For the more primitive the masses, the easier it is to manage them. Oksimiron is a kind of exhibitionist solipsist. And people just like it when someone is publicly humiliated for them.

Oksimiron is not only mediocrity, but also self-deprecating mediocrity. Basically - two in one, and both are what there is a request for in the period of late authoritarianism.

Rappers are ontologically systemic people. Like criminals. Grassroots proletarians.

Someone calls Oksimiron "the young tribe". For me, he is a deep old man, even outwardly. And in fact, he and others like him are ageless redland-citizens serving the local mass unconscious. Which are even worse and more dangerous, because they "made themselves". Nobody forced them. The dictatorship finally took shape only this year. And throughout the past decade, they have been preparing, adapting, groveling, reflecting. Well, like in this video.

Well, the topic of "trauma treatment" is such a bad manners, such a common place. Sartre and Camus obviously did it more gracefully. The traumatic experience here is sometimes ugly and sometimes pathetic. And unbearably banal - from Limonov to. From kindergarten semolina to the grave.