Posted 5 января 2022,, 11:54

Published 5 января 2022,, 11:54

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Kazakhs are a quiet people, but then one day they'll show you everything to the fullest

5 января 2022, 11:54
Аббас Галлямов
If you drive politics under the bench for a long time, you never know from which slot and at what moment it will suddenly get out.

Abbas Gallyamov, political analyst

Few expected that the problem of gas prices would suddenly acquire such a powerful political dimension. In this regard, I recall a thought once read from the prominent Bulgarian oppositionist of the late 1980s Krassen Stanchev: “We seemed to be protesting because of the ecology - for example, we demanded to abandon the dam construction project announced by the authorities, but in reality it was just an excuse. Our activities were anti-regime in nature and everyone understood this".

Let me remind you that the first mass unrest of the times of perestroika happened in Kazakhstan. In 1986, the people there took to the streets in order to express their dissatisfaction with the decision of Moscow to appoint the head of the republic the first secretary of the Ulyanovsk regional committee, Kolbin, who had previously had nothing to do with Kazakhstan. To suppress the protest, the center used troops transferred from other parts of the country.

This is so that the context is clearer. Kazakhs are a quiet, quiet people, but then one day they'll show you everything to the fullest...

This is what happens when you get too carried away with the elite component of transit and completely forget about the people.

Perhaps Tokayev will now try to take advantage of the situation in order to get rid of the tutelage of the annoying old man Nazarbayev and finally become a full-fledged president. Theoretically, this is possible, at least in Romania, the main fruits of the popular uprising against Ceausescu went to the second or third echelon of members of the ruling Communist Party.