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Published 18 января 2022,, 11:14

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"How much we hated that box!" What god did the soldiers of the Soviet army pray to?

"How much we hated that box!" What god did the soldiers of the Soviet army pray to?

18 января 2022, 11:14
As an "iconostasis", each army unit was supposed to carry with them a marching Lenin's room with photographs of members of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee.

The fact that there was a religion in the country of universal atheism - in the USSR - and what kind, is well known. It's just that faith in Christ was replaced by Soviet people with faith in Communism. But outwardly, little has changed, just instead of temples, people were forced to conduct a new cult in the Lenin rooms and similar premises. Worse than others accounted for the military.

The well-known Ukrainian journalist Viktor Tymoshenko writes about how they were forced to serve the new "god", recalling the army experience, in his blog:

“At all times there were priests, brahmins, brahmins. But I remembered my “druids” - members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU for the rest of my life. and a bayonet of knives, there was an obligatory attribute - "camping Lenin's room".

It was a box, knocked together from rough, painted in dark green boards and plywood "album type", thirty kilograms in weight. Such an ideological tool, as conceived by the commissars and commanders, served the cause of strengthening the moral, political, fighting spirit of people in uniform and boots, the defenders of the motherland. One of us, during forced marches through fields, forests and impassable roads, had to carry this damn Lenin's room on his shoulders. This “box” at a halt or in a night camp was put in a prominent place, opened with a creak (like the current gate in my yard), and inside, on the walls, there were photographs of members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU, portraits of the Minister of Defense and the head of the main political department . Well, and also a “combat leaflet”, which contained Odes to the best soldier, the anthem of the Soviet Union and the Oath of allegiance to the motherland.

How we all hated this box - "Lenin's camping room!" It would be better if we were dragging a box of pork stew and sprat in tomato on our shoulders. Of course, dreams. Instead of “resting” to rest, lie down, take a nap, we were seated around this box, we looked into the eyes of the “MEMBERS” and the Minister of Defense personally, and we were told about the “advantages of socialism over capitalism and the decisions of the next party congress.” If today I would organize a forced march, then for sure, at a halt, I would play porn on my computer or the music “Goodbye, my love, goodbye, Goodbye and au revoir ...” I would also give people a nap and poison jokes. Friends, there is nothing more boring than peaceful military labor. Whether the case in the war! One fighter told me "to kill the enemy is a pleasure close to orgasm".