Posted 15 марта 2022,, 09:47

Published 15 марта 2022,, 09:47

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Over 40,000 British people want to shelter Ukrainian refugees

Over 40,000 British people want to shelter Ukrainian refugees

15 марта 2022, 09:47
Фото: Эрик Романенко / ТАСС
The British authorities have created a government program "Houses for Ukraine", the participants of which will be able to provide housing for Ukrainian refugees. More than 43 thousand people have already declared their desire to shelter foreigners.

On the very first day of the program on March 14, those who wished to begin to leave applications for registration in the state program on a special website, reports the Financial Times.

“Not everyone was able to get into the online queue on the first day of the site’s operation, since it collapsed at some point, unable to withstand the number of requests”, - TASS notes.

All citizens, organizations and communities who want to give shelter to Ukrainian refugees, the authorities promise to pay £350 ($456).

The British do not have to settle refugees in their homes. They can become "sponsors" and offer Ukrainians and pay for them separate housing.

Unlike the EU countries, the UK has not canceled the visa nature of entry into the country for foreigners amid the Ukrainian crisis. However, for citizens of Ukraine who wish to come to the country in the status of refugees, a simplified procedure for obtaining visas online has been introduced, without the mandatory collection of biometrics when applying. Fingerprints can be taken already at the entrance to the country. To get to Britain on a regular visa, those who wish must have relatives in the kingdom.

An unprecedented flow of refugees from the territory of Ukraine poured into Europe after February 24, when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, indicating that what was happening should be regarded not as an occupation, but as a “liberation” and “denazification” of the republic in response to requests for help from the leadership of the republics of Donbass.

Western countries, including the US, the EU, the UK and a number of other states, regarded what was happening as an armed aggression and imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation, which had a devastating effect on the Russian economy.

At the same time, a “hunt” for Russian oligarchs began in Britain and a number of other countries. Authorities seize their yachts and business jets, and squatters openly seize their homes, caustically pointing out that the assets of Russian billionaires close to Putin abroad are now "liberated" as well.