Posted 15 марта 2022, 07:15

Published 15 марта 2022, 07:15

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Russian soul as a crumbling concept

15 марта 2022, 07:15
Алина Витухновская
The time of reflections, tantrums, programmed injuries, public moralizing has begun. Someone repents of their own "Russianness", someone curses the fact that they were born and (or) remained in Russia.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

As a rule, it is not the masses who are guilty, and not those who are really guilty, but people with a fine mental organization. They look for enemies outside, quarrel with former friends, break off relations with relatives. Who recouped in public, went to recoup in the sphere of ideas and culture. The first to fall was "great Russian literature".

As for Russian literature, which everyone is now cursing in unison, I will tell you this: it is not Russian literature that is the source of the evil done. The “sacredness” of Russian literature has long been disavowed by postmodernism and for a healthy non-imprinted subject - it is nothing more than a cultural background or even a bizarre artifact, but in no way an idea that determines its existence. I will say seditious - the modern world in general can do not only without Russian literature, but also without literature in principle.

For me, literature has long been divided into high-quality and low-quality.

In itself, the ressentiment on the theme of Ruslit is a kind of monstrous provincial complex. You have placed unjustified expectations on culture, but claims should be made against yourself, not against her. The cult of suffering, sung by Ruslit, is disgusting and this is a separate story. But purely culturological, sociological. Whoever got hooked on all this seriously, he himself was a little crazy. The age of logocracy passed along with the age of global modernist ideas. Evil is not what describes, but what exists.

However, in the surging wave of reflections there are also diamonds of thought. So, for example, the musician, culturologist Sergey Zharikov writes:

“And the first thing that had to be done was to conceptualize the very concept of ‘Russian’. Russian political journalism, as a rule, is unoriginal and of very low quality in terms of rationality. so-called. Russian_Philosophy™ is a design. And Ilyin is generally newspaper trash. Columnist, elementarily devoid of style. That is why the main consumers of this intellectual retro turned out to be mainly pensioners of the special services. Accustomed to living by orders, they a priori do not understand what originality is. So they came up with the fantasy of the "Russian party" - in fact - a tool for trolling some nomenklatura families by others. That is, they designated a target for their virtual army. And not a word about how their “Russian world” is organized in general, where they themselves are an integral part of this goal.

It is this overwhelming “humanitarianism” that played a cruel joke on them in the person of the authorities - who nominate themselves around as Russian nationalists, and it is difficult to refute it precisely in terms of the conventional “Russian myth”, which, in fact, is the rendering of the data structure of all this helpless “Russian Philosophy".

The world today thinks in engineering, through instantaneous analysis of the flow of "big data" - and this is a completely different type of thinking. The world thinks in time, and only then in space, and in this war of speeds, this whole old school of completely turned back "Russian nationalists" will never be able to win due to the fact that they will lose time even if they want to turn around. Trite: not enough time.

It would seem that just before our eyes, literally within a few days, the shell of domestic modernity crumbled. And it's time to abandon past myths, illusions, delusions. But no! We are offered to relive what others have already experienced inside the same Soviet stall. We are offered, for example, in the field of writing - moderate cooperation with the authorities, work at the table "for the sake of great literature", emigration to "inner Mongolia". In everyday life, we are advised to tighten our belts. My friend feed is replete with some kind of masochistic memories of queues, shortages, poverty. And not only that, people are willing to endure it themselves. They relish the fact that those who are younger than them will be forced to suffer as they did.

One reader of the not yet completely closed Facebook commented:

“Looking at the bullying of children in schools and reading the posts of the older generation, whose representatives write with such pleasure on social networks about the impending times of crisis, that “they say, here we were standing in line for cereals, darning our clothes, washing plastic bags, further than the workplace you didn’t go with a squeaky chair, if you traveled, then only by metro, now you young people will experience all these joys of hardship, drink 3-in-1 coffee, darn pantyhose with a light bulb, choke on a shortage and travel only in lines" and all these promises are written with such sadistic voluptuousness that I come to the conclusion that in older Russia, it turns out, there is some kind of unhealthy and inexplicable tendency to hate young Russia.

It would seem that a healthy desire of any parent who has already experienced difficulties in his life to protect his child from them in the future. But no, not in Russia.

Here, on the contrary, they seem to be trying to take out all their anger, to say “I suffered, and you must”, and in the inability to reach the culprits, they turn it on those who are weaker. Perhaps one day sociologists and psychologists will come up with some special term for such a phenomenon, but for now we can only observe and fuck, of course.

The gloomy carousel of samsaric repetitions of Russian life no longer fascinates. We're not as musch scared anymore, as bored and feel disgusting. I do not see any need to repeat the negative experience of past generations. Especially for the development of the soul, as free or involuntary supporters and lovers of senseless suffering dare to write. And don't tell me more about the "mysterious Russian soul". It doesn't exist.