Posted 21 марта 2022, 06:12

Published 21 марта 2022, 06:12

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:36

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Bosch will no longer produce spare parts for trucks in Russia

21 марта 2022, 06:12
German Bosch stopped the export of spare parts to Russia. Production in the country due to Ukrainian events is also temporarily suspended.

The dpa agency writes about this.

Thus, the company stopped exporting parts for trucks to the Russian Federation, since non-civilian use of components allegedly took place. The company has launched an audit.

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Dmitry Kuleba, accused Bosch of supplying Russian infantry, but this accusation was refuted.

Earlier, the company has already announced its intention to suspend production in St. Petersburg due to the cessation of supplies of materials from Europe. Supplies stopped, in turn, due to Western anti-Russian sanctions.

It's worth reminding that on March 5, the AvtoVAZ plant suspended the production of the Lada line due to a shortage of components: Bosch, the main contractor of microelectronics, reduced its supplies against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions.