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There is no gap between Russia and the rest of the world

8 апреля 2022, 17:02
Иван Переседов
It is worth taking a closer look at the causes of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, as many unobvious things will be revealed.

Ivan Peresedov, journalist

I am being trolled in the comments for the phrase that there are only few obvious things in the world. Ok, here's a lesson in applied non-obviousness.

Recently, a major power, made rich on petrodollars, attacked its smaller neighbor. Because of the disputed territories. And she began to fight with him cruelly. This is a conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Ukraine supported Azerbaijan in this war. And before that, she supported Turkey in non-recognition of the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire. Because she wanted to get weapons from Turkey (with which she is now fighting) and supported Azerbaijan's right to fight for disputed territories.

Another very small country is constantly suffering from attacks by aggressive neighbors whose official ideology denies it the right to exist. This is Israel. Ukraine has taken an anti-Israeli position in the UN in recent years. Including does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital. The last time Ukraine voted against Israel at the UN was after the outbreak of hostilities on its territory. It seems also because of Turkey.

Now Ukraine demands to exclude Russia from the Human Rights Council at the UN. Demands including from China. On the territory of which there are concentration camps for the Uighurs. They contain over a million people. According to human rights activists, Uyghurs are subjected to forced sterilization there: from 2015 to 2018, the birth rate in Uyghur regions decreased by more than 60%. In 2021, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared China's policy towards the Uighurs a genocide.

This happened in January, and in August of the same year, the United States finished withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, giving this country to the power of the Taliban ( banned in the Russian Federation - ed.) . What kind of victims this eventually turned into is still unknown. According to the UN, for six months, while the withdrawal of troops was underway, due to the aggravation of the civil conflict within the country, about 2,000 people were killed and 3,500 were injured.

This list goes on.

I compiled it not to pretend that there is nothing unusual and terrible in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

I am against the allegations that there is some kind of abyss between Russia and the world. That Russia has become “the worst evil on the planet” (I really write this in the comments). That there are no opportunities for a truce and negotiations with Russia.

Abandoning diplomacy is always a step towards military escalation.

I also strongly advise against believing the pictures on TV and thinking that some politician on this planet can become the absolute embodiment of nobility and holiness. There has never been such a thing in history and is unlikely to appear in the coming years.

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