Posted 28 апреля 2022,, 08:46

Published 28 апреля 2022,, 08:46

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Why America does not help Ukrainian refugees

Why America does not help Ukrainian refugees

28 апреля 2022, 08:46
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American lawyer Yulia Nikolaeva was outraged by the position taken by her country in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict:

“The American program to help Ukrainian refugees “help” can be called a huge stretch. Being one of the culprits and, in fact, a party to the conflict, waging a proxy war with Russia with the forces of Ukraine, the United States is by no means the leader in the volume of military assistance provided to Ukraine, and in terms of supporting Ukrainian refugees, it even managed to create the worst program of all the countries involved. The most useless, the smallest scale and the most late. With the total number of refugees from Ukraine exceeding 5 million, huge prosperous America generously agreed to accept as many as 100 thousand, while completely shifting all logistical, financial and social responsibility to the refugees themselves and their sponsors. The American government is not responsible for absolutely anything - no housing, no benefits, no medical insurance, no benefits, no write-offs for sponsors, or any other help it has offered.

In other words, any whim for your money. Those who live in the USA understand perfectly well what it means to rent a house without having an income right away, or to receive treatment here without insurance. And now all these thousands of people who have experienced terrible moral and physical shocks, mostly women, children and the elderly, find themselves without the slightest financial support and without any social guarantees in a country where a general urine test costs $ 700, and the average price of renting a two-room apartment is - $1200 per month.

But it is precisely this country that is obliged to bear the lion's share of the responsibility of the "collective" West, which failed to come to an agreement with Putin in time. Yes, politicians MUST be able to negotiate. With anyone. This is their job - to calculate the political opponent, to predict his actions, to be able to play on his strengths and weaknesses. The American administration did not do its job - it did not understand, did not calculate, did not play, did not prevent. And now he refuses to answer for the consequences of his political failure. Disgrace!"