Posted 5 мая 2022,, 13:44

Published 5 мая 2022,, 13:44

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China begins stress testing economy to prepare for Western sanctions

China begins stress testing economy to prepare for Western sanctions

5 мая 2022, 13:44
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The authorities of this country announced the start of large-scale stress testing of their economy and financial system in case of imposition of Western sanctions similar to those applied against Russia.

This is reported by the British edition of The Guardian, whose interlocutors called stress testing a “natural reaction” of Beijing, given its close relationship with Moscow. One source said that Chinese diplomats have been meeting with experts over the past few weeks to understand how the conflict could develop.

Beijing believes that anti-Chinese sanctions will be imposed along the lines of Russian ones, therefore they will affect the banking sector, international payments and, of course, supply chains. The economic war with Russia is just a prelude to the main US-China geopolitical confrontation.

The Chinese economy is less dependent on commodity imports than Russia. However, the complexity of financial and logistics chains in a country of 1.5 billion is enormous, and therefore a failure at the “nail in the forge” level can bring entire industries to a standstill. The West sees its opponents as "colossus on clay feet", and therefore they hit it on the "legs", suffocating, even to the detriment of themselves, the enemy's development opportunities, analysts of the "Kstati" channel say

An economic stress test will allow China to avoid many of the problems and false hopes that Russia faced in the first month of the sanctions bacchanalia. “The economy must be continuous”: in Russia, this continuity was ensured by labor heroism - the overexertion of the logistical structures of the business. China, on the other hand, decided not to test its personnel potential for strength - after all, the more people, the greater the likelihood of not only critical success, but also a fatal error. Chinese "teachings" will allow at least some of these errors to be identified and corrected...