Posted 26 мая 2022,, 07:32

Published 26 мая 2022,, 07:32

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Yuri Shevchuk will stop performing in Russia

Yuri Shevchuk will stop performing in Russia

26 мая 2022, 07:32
Despite the unwillingness to lose Russian listeners, the leader of the DDT rock band, Yuri Shevchuk, who has been charged with discrediting the Russian army, admitted that his band would no longer play concerts in the country.

- In Russia, our concert activity is coming to an end. Lists are being made, but I don't like it. The person has the right to his opinion. In Tyumen , the concerts were postponed until better times, and in Kurgan they were canceled altogether. Some say that they cannot return the money - this is not true, a lie! Shevchuk said in an interview with Starhit.

He added that he "doesn't care" how he is treated by other musicians who have a different opinion. At the same time, it is “unpleasant” for a musician to lose listeners, although everyone decides for himself whose work to inspire. The group plays "for everyone", Shevchuk said and assured that for him the value is the person himself, and the musician does not care where this person lives. Shevchuk also stressed that he "works for people."

- ... I transferred money to the children of Donbass through the fund of Dr. Liza, now I work for free, I transfer all the fees to those in need, - said Shevchuk.

Recall that an administrative protocol was drawn up against Shevchuk because of a speech after a concert in his native Ufa. From the stage, the artist made a provocative statement about the military special operation and the concept of Motherland in his mind. after he was interrogated by law enforcement officers right behind the scenes. At the same time, the audience did not understand why the concert was delayed. As it became known, he was accused of discrediting the RF Armed Forces. The Shevchuk case was transferred from Ufa to St. Petersburg. Shevchuk himself expressed the desire that the case be considered in St. Petersburg.

Note that "DDT" refused to go on stage in Tyumen. The reason for this was a banner with the letter Z - a symbol of the Russian military involved in a special operation in Ukraine. The musicians were not provided with another room, and the concert was disrupted.

By the way, another domestic group, Bi-2, canceled their concerts scheduled for the summer period in Russia. However, the musicians promised that they would play at venues in Kazan, Ufa, Astrakhan, Cheboksary, Perm and Yaroslavl - canceled performances were supposed to take place in these cities - in the fall. Moreover, the musicians did not explain what caused the change in the tour. Back in April, the announced concert in Omsk did not take place.