Posted 27 мая 2022,, 13:32

Published 27 мая 2022,, 13:32

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“There are no such spare car parts in the country…” Motorists face problems with repairs

“There are no such spare car parts in the country…” Motorists face problems with repairs

27 мая 2022, 13:32
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The departure of Western automakers from the Russian market is already affecting the quality of service with might and main.

According to the most obvious scenario, events are unfolding in the life of Russian motorists: due to Western sanctions, there is already a shortage of not only the cars themselves, but also spare parts for them, with all the ensuing consequences.

Popular actor Gennady Smirnov has already encountered this situation and described it in his blog:

My car is Japanese (no, not expensive). A couple of months ago there was a small accident - due to the fault of another driver, everything is insured, the insurance claim was accepted, a few parts were replaced - the rear bumper is there, the lights. Went to the salon for inspection, also confirmed everything. It would seem that.

They call today.

- Gennady Gennadievich, the fact is that these details are not available in the country now. Of course, we can send the order to the factory, but... you yourself understand... The car is Japanese, the factory is in Hungary.

- They won't?

- Well, how can I tell you... Perhaps you will agree to the installation of used parts? We'll start looking then.

Agreed, of course. I understand everything myself. Sanctions won’t scare us …”

As it became clear from the comments, such problems are no longer new:

- Well, it's the same with us, only without an accident, but with an emergency. The door to the "Nissan", he is 12 years old, barely found boo. In the official service, it costs almost 200,000 and you have to wait three months. Through Turkey. Found boo. Waiting frozen ...

However, there were readers who doubted the sincerity of car service workers:

- This is a trick of car services repairing cars in the direction of insurance. They always try to trick the client into repairing used spare parts or non-original ones, otherwise they won’t meet the amount approved by the insurance. We need a refusal from the service, an independent examination and from the insurance through the court to receive money. This is not fast, but more than enough for a quality repair with original spare parts. I think there are still options to get spare parts .

However, old parts instead of new ones, this is only part of the problem, and a small one, if you take into account, for example, this one:

- I just got a call from the insurance company, to say that next year the insurance will cost more .

But this is all nonsense compared to this perspective:

- We can assume what will happen next: they will begin to steal imported cars and dismantle them for spare parts. Spare parts will be put on machines requiring repair. These cars repaired in this way, in turn, will be stolen and dismantled for spare parts, spare parts will be put on cars requiring repair, which, again, will be stolen and dismantled for spare parts ...

By the way, the first bells have already sounded:

- In our yard, they removed the battery from a Zhiguli car. While the Zhiguli.

- If I were you, I would take the wipers with me...

It remains to be stated that very soon Soviet realities will return to Russia, when people spent years in lines for new cars, and any repair turned into a torment...