Posted 15 июня 2022, 20:40

Published 15 июня 2022, 20:40

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How to get out of Cheburechnaya into neoliberalism

15 июня 2022, 20:40
Алина Витухновская
Sticky summer in Moscow. For the present not a graveness, but the ordinary. Striking, ostensibly predictable. Being has not yet been folded into a destructive mosaic. And only some of its elements remind us that life, as it is commonly understood, has already collapsed into a rumbling inferno.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Where there is comfort, there is not a hint of what is happening. Reality breaks where there is poverty, misery. So in an inexpensive shopping center in the queue (!) for printing out documents, right behind me, a wild-looking woman spoke, as if she had come out of the Mosfilm scenery of the 1970s that way. In her dense and sweaty hand there was a huge cheburek, which was already expiring with human death, and a cheburek fume was coming out of her mouth. This summer, the gates to an anthropological catastrophe was opened. Where hell will meet you with the inscription "Cheburechnaya".

Why does neoliberalism offer civilization and resource, and not spirituality and sacredness? Not because he is cynical. But because he is truly humane. Existential and metaphysical questions are not solved in a collectivist way. They are decided subjectively. All other solutions are the road to socialism. If someone invites you to solve existential and metaphysical questions, then this is a totalitarian sect under the guise of a party or a metaphysical circle. In other words, ordinary scammers.

Those fundamental tectonic shifts that are now taking place in reality literally break the umbilical cord that connects the mass unconscious with habitual illusions. When words tried to dispel your illusions, you resisted. But, you must admit, if you had done this in advance, the fatal destructive denouement could have been avoided. You just had to honestly answer the questions - what kind of person is, what is culture and what do you really want in the end?

Taking jelly from outdated ideas and cultural clichés for your own goals, neglecting common sense and resources, you ended up with a broken trough. Instead of civilization - sewerage, instead of humanity - cheburechnosti.

All these 20 years, the state has been squeezing out a resource - what belongs to you by right and what you yourself refused. Until now, you entertain young and poor authors with tales of impoverished geniuses. You have been taught a cruel lesson in materialism. The only constructive way out of this impasse is neoliberalism.

But are there many liberals among us? The entire tape is replete with advertisements for a “scandalous” interview with a character unknown to me. Russian pseudo-liberals brag about their "success" while wandering around Rome. How lucky they are. And how unlucky "doctors and teachers" who, of course (the tone becomes more and more hypocritical) "deserve it more than us."

It is surprising that in the 21st century a post-Soviet person has retained Soviet ideas about status. To perceive going abroad as a privilege is just some kind of savagery. And this snobbery of pseudo-intellectuals! Their deliberate, declarative, overflowing "culture"! Culture is not flaunting knowledge, it is, above all, ethics, politeness, keeping a distance. The very qualities that many lacked to at least not aggravate relations during the current conflict.

For decades, people here have been hammered into nonsense about a wonderful life in which you just had to “find your place”, “your bee cell”. And now, left in the socio-political ruins, many have plunged into resentment about some "happy people who left." But this fate is not as beautiful as it is seen. The Russians are turning into eternal wanderers, suffering endless losses. In the recent history of Russia, there is no one who would receive stable preferences (gesheft-gestalt). Is social envy so great that you don't see it?

So, I will summarize. We have problems with the political elite. But there are even bigger problems with the masses and their self-consciousness. Previously, the totalitarians (totalitarianism) needed the masses in order to carry out a certain historical leap, a capture, even if not always reasonable. But they were needed as a resource. And close ones, units, and even entire social groups, thus, acquired historical and personal subjectivity and certain opportunities.

Now the situation is radically different - totalitarianism, which has realized its redundancy, needs the masses, not for self-maintenance, but exclusively for recycling. This is equally the case in soft-violence societies and in societies of authoritarian coercion, which is the current state of the Russian Federation.

A certain paradox lies in the fact that in a society of totalitarian coercion, the coerced individual himself continues to express an active readiness and joy to be exterminated, moreover, without understanding, of course, his fate, as if it were happening not in the 21st, but at the beginning of the 20th century, that is, then when the representative of the masses had some, but a chance.

The clumsy fight against evil (whatever “-ism” you call it), started now by the same pseudo-liberals (and not liberals!) on the ruins of pseudo-humanism, will lead to the creation of the same clumsy grassroots “humanism” with the transition to new socialism. We will be told “Love life. Love life as it is. Love any life”, frightening with problems and death. Fear of equality in non-existence as the basis for promoting the equality of being - pseudo-democracy and poverty. Be careful! Don't fall for propaganda!

Progressive liberalism, in its limit, must come to the question of "life consent" i.e. literally - to "agreement to life." In contrast to the profane “sexual consent”, which is currently being actively promoted by leftists under liberal masks. We are more interested in the quality and purpose of life than life itself in its Marxist-humanistic interpretation (life is a way of existence of protein bodies...). We are interested in self-determination in the matter of "to be or not to be", realized in a legal, economic (UBI - unconditional basic income ) and political context.

I praise infantilism a lot, and for good reason. Infantilism is eternal youth in the realm of the dead, Botox against existential despair. But this phenomenon also has its negative side effects. Namely, the underestimation of the stupidity and inertia of the masses, and the so-called. elites, and a reassessment of the power of civilization and common sense. At least at the turning points of history. Now there is a violent, painful maturation, primarily in the political sense. Actually, we are present at the bloody birth of the future political nation.