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Published 22 июня 2022,, 06:28

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On the death of Igor Dudinsky - the last Russian magician

22 июня 2022, 06:28
Алина Витухновская
Late in the evening of June 11 of this year, my old acquaintance and friend Igor Dudinsky died. Journalist, art critic, writer, artist. A man who concentrated special metaphysical and existential meanings around himself, creating an atmosphere that literally attracted a wide variety of characters.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Igor is the star of that same Yuzhinsky Lane, where the brilliant writer Yuri Mamleev, the radical philosopher Heydar Dzhemal and, alas, Alexander Dugin, came from, a man who influenced the ideology of today's Russia.

In this article, I would like to do something very important for the memory of Igor Dudinsky and history. I would like to separate his personality from the ideas of the “Russian world”, traditionalism and Duginism as such. In my opinion, it was much wider and more than these mothballed and destructive ideas. And he adhered to them rather due to inertia, age. Igor was a man of the 20th century, a man of modernity, a subject of Russian madness and an underground star.

He had invested too much in Yuzhinsky Lane to let go of the past so easily. Although I am sure that he simply did not live to realize the danger of Eurasian concepts. I already wrote and said that Yuri Mamleev, before his death, regretted that he unwittingly took part in creating the ideological foundation of the current Russian statehood. Of course, his concept of "Eternal Russia" was more artistic than bureaucratic doctrine. But nevertheless, all his achievements were adopted by more cunning associates. By the way, Alexander Dugin, for whom Igor Dudinsky did so much, whom he created in some way, did not even come to the funeral. And not only didn’t come, but also didn’t write a word in his social networks. Also, the notorious musician Alexander F. Sklyar (Va-Bank group) did not come to Dudinsky's funeral.

Many and many friends these days remember Igor with warm words. Boris Simonov, owner of the Transylvania music store, says:

“We have known each other for about 15 years and saw each other quite often. Igor, of course, was from a rare breed - a man-holiday. There were no complexes, no envy, no resentment for him, and this is a very rare quality. True, I was embarrassed only by two of his features, he constantly overshadowed himself with the sign of the cross and offered to marry any girl he liked, despite the fact that he had always been married. To my slight regret, in recent years he has become completely church-going and has become a supporter of the current ruling regime. But still, I did not allow mutual acquaintances to denigrate him verbally. He didn’t do any harm to anyone and didn’t say a bad word about anyone.”

Lydia Vulokh, an art historian and daughter of the 1960s artist Igor Alexandrovich Vulokh, recalls the deceased:

“It is not enough to write about Dudinsky - this will only touch the tip of the iceberg. “I, who have gained immortality, am leaving for the night” is an epigraph to the book “Moscow Gambit” by Mamleev, where he brought you out in one of the characters. The youngest among all is the youth of Yuzhinsky, the student of the Master, seduced by the dances of the universe. Hug you. You are the last one. And you go to them.

I say goodbye internally to Igor Dudinsky and his incredible power of Light. My friend. God rest his soul in Paradise, about which he knew more than many. In connection with Yuzhinsky, which included Igor Dudinsky, who knew and loved his "rods" very well - researchers of light and dark universes on the border of borders, I just want to post Rybyakov's song "Smoke". Questions to Heaven and Hell were asked in Yuzhinsky, as you know, constantly. The search for ways out was sizzling, this is pure metaphysics in its unvulgar sense. All this remained in the memories, on the pages of books, in pictures. Cyril's "Smoke" is from a completely different generation, they did not even know each other, there was no knowledge about their predecessors. But is this the essence of identical aspirations? True, many representatives of the post-war avant-garde are already deprived of the saving romance. And Igor was one of those sophisticated romantics, and of course he was the “Last Occult Smoke”. A wild roar that suddenly thundered from somewhere in Siberia in the 80s - on the border of the collapse of another time loop ...

Igor Dudinsky 03/31/1947-06/11/22 - writer, artist, party-goer, sex symbol, journalist and consistent polygamist, forever in love with a romantic. A worthy member of the cult order of thinkers-writers-artists-wanderers of the generation of the post-war underground who proved themselves in the gambit - all of them are unique, first of all, by the fact of their presence of reunion on our earth. Everything that they did is alive and lives.”

“Immortality is achievable only through the victory of matter over spirit. Otherwise it doesn't make sense. The most exciting and inexhaustible prospects lie with degradation. Because the resources for creation are completely exhausted.” - Dudinsky wrote in the preface to his play "Four Sisters", staged by Tatyana Strelbitskaya. And as we can see, he was radically right.

The plot in this avant-garde-postmodern show is absent in principle. That is, literally nothing happens on the stage. We see four inferno-entities, devils of the other world by name - Olsha, Maga, Irsha, Nashag.

These succubuses spew concentrated aphorisms from their wombs, in the direction of thought and style, similar to the texts of Mamleev or the early works of Heydar Dzhemal, but devoid of philosophical logic, which, in principle, is typical for women. It was the women who curled around the heroes of Yuzhinsky, the girlfriend of the author himself, who served as the prototypes of the heroines.

I expected to see and hear a well-defined and well-known to me metaphysical-traditionalist concept. However, the author managed to overcome both himself and his ideological and metaphysical attachments and attitudes. The first and only of all “Yuzhinsky” Dudinsky saw the light to terrible statements - the ideas of the Russian world, the third way, Russia as a black hole - turned out to be disastrous for Russia itself, which is what we are seeing now. In places the play looks like a manifesto of national nihilism. However, for a brilliant author, such an interpretation will certainly be too simple. And yet, enjoy these savory dialogues:

“Nashaga. And Russia is bigger than the globe.

Irsha. It sucked on the blood of workers and peasants and swelled up like a leech.

Olsha. But when it bursts, the whole world will choke and drown.

Mage. And then no one will exploit anyone and everything will immediately become abundant. No shops.

Olsha. Where then to rest?

Irsha. Among the metal and the roar of mechanisms. Only that they produce nothing but ecstasy.

Nashag. Emotions are like vodka, which is all the same. But if you stick a label on the bottle, then its contents can be evaluated in terms of party affiliation. Therefore, it is not the feelings that are important, but their direction.

Olsha. Iodine and bandages ran out yesterday. Take off everything you have on. Maga, bandage her. And I hate to look at her.

Mage. Everything will live on it. Like on a cat. She's Russian.

Irsha. Better think about where we will retreat.

Nashag. Somewhere where no children are born. To be always clean. Not like ours.

Olsha. Better to America. There, all the houses and sidewalks are made of gold. You can when you want to break off a piece and go to a restaurant.

Mage. In order not to drown in the mud, we must constantly fight. I am personally ready. Let them give me a lot of weapons and tell me with whom.

Irsha. Isn't it clear? With everyone. And first of all with the workers. Because they are the dumbest. They don't want to kill those who profit from them.

Olsha. In Russia, there is not even anyone to suck off to recharge. Some impotents around. Where the strength comes from, I don't know.

Irsha. It is still unknown which is more useful. Sitting in one place or constantly moving around. On the one hand, precious calories are wasted. On the other hand, muscles atrophy and wither.

Nashag. If you want to play sports, go to demonstrations. First, it's completely useless. And secondly, you can meet someone ... "

The contribution of Igor Dudinsky to the Russian underground, philosophy and culture is enormous. I want us to remember this person forever.