Posted 24 июня 2022,, 07:40

Published 24 июня 2022,, 07:40

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Over half of citizens started working at the age of 14-17

Over half of citizens started working at the age of 14-17

24 июня 2022, 07:40
55% of Russians find their first job between the ages of 14 and 17, thus trying to reduce dependence on their parents or save up for a small purchase.

Such data follow from a survey conducted by Avito Rabota, the results of which are cited by RBC. Analysts also found that about 25% start working at 18-19 years old, and 10% - at 20-21 years old.

Moreover, in the regions, young people begin to look for work earlier than in the capital. In small towns, more than a third of the inhabitants found work at the age of 14-15, and in Moscow - a third began to work at the age of 16-17. At the same time, people in the North Caucasus are the least likely to start working at a young age: 24% versus 30% across the country.

48% of the study participants named the desire to become independent from their parents as the main reason for finding a first job, 29% decided to save money for a purchase in this way, 20% simply wanted to become more self-confident. 16% did so to gain experience in their specialty.

According to 64% of respondents, finding the first job was not difficult. They mainly used online services for this or looked for work through social networks.

37% indicated that for workers aged 14-19, the most negative aspects of work are stress and fatigue. 33% noted the lack of time for rest, and for 12% there was not enough time to communicate with family and friends.

In the middle of the month, the results of another survey were presented , according to which more than half of citizens go to work with pleasure, and one in four does not feel pleasure from their professional occupation. Among representatives of various professions, teachers, doctors and designers are most often recognized in their love for work. Among them, 65% do what they love. From 60% to 64% of nurses, educators, economists and chief accountants are also satisfied with their professional activities.