Posted 30 июня 2022,, 07:03

Published 30 июня 2022,, 07:03

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RBC: almost 40% of citizens do not have enough salaries for basic expenses

RBC: almost 40% of citizens do not have enough salaries for basic expenses

30 июня 2022, 07:03
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Only 22% of Russians polled by HeadHunter said they have enough salary to meet basic needs. These are employees of the IT sector, workers in the field of raw materials extraction and top managers of companies.

According to RBC, referring to the results of the study, 39% of citizens admitted that they do not have enough salaries to cover basic expenses, and 38% indicated that they could hardly make ends meet. Most of those who experience difficulties of shortage of wages among workers - 60%, doctors and civil servants - 51% each.

As for those who have enough salaries, these are 43% of IT workers, 41% of employees in the mining of raw materials, 37% of top management.

As a rule, the residents of the Tomsk Region - 77%, the Leningrad Region - 52%, the Rostov Region and the Perm Territory - 51% each, lack wages the most. As a rule, salaries are most sufficient for residents of the Kaliningrad region and Moscow - 29% each.

47% of citizens named food as the largest item of expenditure, while a year ago it was 62%. Renting a home or mortgage is the second largest expense - 35%. Third place - for payment of utility bills - 25%. 22% of respondents also included other loans in their main expenses, 17% - expenses for children, 11% - for a car or transport.

To increase their income, 73% of Russians are looking for a new job that would pay them more. 54% are willing to learn new skills. 36% are looking for a part-time job. 24% are trying to get a promotion. 16% try to create passive income through investments.

Previously, experts named the main fears of working citizens - dismissal, non-payment of salaries and underestimation.