Posted 6 июля 2022, 06:22

Published 6 июля 2022, 06:22

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A quarter of citizens call the police in a conflict with their neighbors

6 июля 2022, 06:22
A quarter of the Russians who took part in the Rosgosstrakh survey admitted that they turn to the police to resolve a conflict with neighbors in an apartment building.

According to RIA Novosti, referring to the results of the study, 45% of respondents resolve disputes with neighbors personally, and every tenth said that it came to a scandal. 5% wrote notes and left them, for example, at the entrance to shame the opponent. In half the cases, this led to a result.

More than half of citizens indicated that neighbors should not try to resolve such issues on their own.

"59% of Russians consider citizens with low social responsibility and people with mental disorders to be the most undesirable neighbors on the porch. Unexpectedly, few Russians are worried about neighborly marital quarrels (5%)", - a representative of Rosgosstrakh said.

He clarified that 6% fell on those who deliberately breed unsanitary conditions, have noisy children and cause discomfort to others due to loud sounds of intimacy.