Posted 14 июля 2022,, 07:47

Published 14 июля 2022,, 07:47

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Germany has published a complete list of its military assistance to Ukraine in 2022

Germany has published a complete list of its military assistance to Ukraine in 2022

14 июля 2022, 07:47
Armaments and additional funds provided by the German government to the Ukrainian army this year are estimated at about 2 billion euros.

Ivan Zubov

The German government has published a complete list of weapons and equipment included in the package of lethal and non-lethal military assistance to Ukraine for 2022. This list includes Panzerhaubitzen 2000 self-propelled howitzers, cars, a field hospital, spare parts for the MiG-29, armored vehicles, tanks, air defense systems and MLRS, and so on. The list includes supplies from the warehouses of the Bundeswehr, as well as from industrial enterprises financed by the German government, which were increased in 2022 to 2 billion euros and are intended primarily for Ukraine.

Lethal and non-lethal military support services provided:

3000 rounds for Panzerfaust 3 grenade launchers plus 900 barrels

14,900 anti-tank mines

500 STINGER anti-aircraft missiles

2700 missiles for anti-aircraft systems "STRELA"

7 Panzerhaubitzen 2000 self-propelled howitzers including adaptation, training and spare parts (joint project with the Netherlands)

21.8 million rounds

50 bunker shells

100 MG 3 machine guns with 500 spare barrels and bolts

100,000 hand grenades

5300 explosive charges

100,000 meters of detonating cord and 100,000 detonators

350,000 detonators

10,500 rounds of 155 mm artillery ammunition

10 guns vs drones

14 sensors and silencers to protect against drones

100 automatic nozzles

28,000 combat helmets

15 pallets of clothes

280 vehicles (trucks, vans, SUVs)

100 tents

12 electric generators

6 pallets of explosive ordnance disposal material

125 binoculars

1200 hospital beds

18 medicine trays, 60 surgical lights

Protective clothing, surgical masks

10,000 sleeping bags

600 shooting points

1 RF system

3,000 field telephones with 5,000 field cord spools and portable equipment

1 field hospital (joint project with Estonia)

353 night vision goggles

4 electronic anti-drone devices

165 binoculars

Medical supplies (including backpacks, first aid kits)

38 laser rangefinders

Diesel and gasoline fuel (current supply)

10 tons of AdBlue

500 bandages to stop bleeding

402,000 rations for soldiers

MiG-29 spare parts

30 armored vehicles

Lethal and non-lethal military support services in preparation/implementation :

For security reasons, the federal government has refrained from providing further information, in particular on the methods and timing of deliveries, until the handover has taken place .

53,000 rounds of anti-aircraft ammunition

8 mobile ground radars and thermal imaging devices

3 self-propelled howitzers 2000

4000 rounds of anti-aircraft tank ammunition

10 (+10 optional) autonomous surface drones

14 tractors and 14 semi-trailers

2 tractors and 4 trailers

43 reconnaissance drones

1 high frequency device with equipment

10 protected cars

7 jammers

8 electronic anti-drone devices

4 mobile, remote-controlled and secure demining devices

65 refrigerators for medicines

1 vehicle decontamination point

54 M113 armored personnel carriers with weapons (systems from Denmark, funded by Germany)

30 anti-aircraft tanks GEPARD, including about 6,000 anti-aircraft ammunition

Air defense system IRIS-T SLM

COBRA artillery detection radar

80 pickups

3 MARS multiple launch rocket systems with ammunition

100,000 first aid kits

3 armored recovery vehicles