Posted 22 июля 2022,, 06:44

Published 22 июля 2022,, 06:44

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Sergey Brilev left the leadership of VGTRK

Sergey Brilev left the leadership of VGTRK

22 июля 2022, 06:44
The deputy director of the VGNTRK for special projects, the host of the Vesti on Saturday program on the Rossiya 1 TV channel, Sergei Brilev, announced that he would no longer conduct the program.

In his account on the social network, Brilev wrote that at the beginning of the season - on September 11 - he celebrated the 20th anniversary of his work as a presenter, and on February 26 he held the last edition of Vesti on Saturday.

- ... which drew a line under the period when I had, why wear the title of deputy director of the channel, - wrote Brilev.

Then, not in the countries of South America, he made over thirty reports, as well as a number of mini-films. In April, Brilev returned to Moscow, where he underwent surgery. He did not specify what exactly he was operated on, but spoke about it earlier, explaining his absence from the air.

Onet noted that "many hours of work on the air is already objectively not for me."

Recall that in March, Brilev came under British sanctions. It is known that he is a British subject and has real estate in London.