Posted 16 августа 2022, 08:11

Published 16 августа 2022, 08:11

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:37

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Pemolux producer puts Russian and Belarusian assets up for sale

16 августа 2022, 08:11
The German chemical-industrial concern Henkel transferred its assets in Russia and Belarus to the "for sale" category. In Russia, the company owns 12 offices and 11 factories.

According to Vedomosti, TechnoNIKOL , Chinese and Turkish businesses may be potential buyers. Experts warn about the price being overpriced by the asset owner.

Recall that Henkel has been working in Russia since 1991. The company manufactures products under the brands Schwarzkopf, Syoss, Persil, Losk, Deni, Laska, Pemos, Pemolux, Vernel and others. On the eve it became known that the manufacturer of household chemicals calculated the costs of stopping its business in the Russian Federation and Belarus - 184 million euros. We are talking about the costs associated with reputation - 88 million euros, with trademarks - about 15 million euros, with property and equipment - 82 million euros.

Back in March, the company stopped investing in Russian business, and in April it decided to stop its production activities.