Posted 7 ноября 2022,, 08:36

Published 7 ноября 2022,, 08:36

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The first victims of warming: Panama will relocate residents from the disappearing island (video)

7 ноября 2022, 08:36
Rising sea levels are forcing the authorities of some states to start resettling their citizens from flood zones.

The authorities of the Central American state of Panama have ordered the relocation of about 1,200 residents of Gardi Sagdab (Crab Island) to the mainland at the end of next year due to rising ocean levels and the threat of complete flooding of this island. Scientists suggest that this will happen in the coming decades, according to the American edition of The Wall Steert Journa l. All future settlers are representatives of the indigenous people of the Guna and have lived on this island for more than 100 years. Now they will be the pioneers of the preventive resettlement process in Latin America.

This process will not bypass other countries. For example, the authorities of the Pacific island nation of Fiji, which includes more than 300 islands, are also already working on the issue of relocating the inhabitants of some of them.

Their Pacific neighbors from the Marshall Islands are also threatened by the elements: rising water levels there could flood a little less than half of the buildings in the state capital, Majuro. Moreover - 96% of the entire territory of this city will be constantly flooded.

And even in the US, not everything is smooth. For example. in the state of Louisiana, the authorities are going to relocate to the mainland 37 families living on the island of Jean-Charles. Over the past 65 years, its area has decreased by almost 7 times!