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Russian scientists are making breakthroughs in science even without government funding

Russian scientists are making breakthroughs in science even without government funding

17 января 2023, 11:39
Our scientists continue to make discoveries without consulting with science officials. Researchers with an active lifestyle are not stopped even by the lack of funding for their work from the budget.

Andrey Zlobin, Candidate of Technical Sciences

The global changes taking place in the world cannot but affect the field of science, which largely determines the degree of technological development of the state.

At the beginning of the new year 2023, it is worth recalling once again the important achievements of Russian scientists who have secured new leadership positions on the world stage. Here are examples of how far Russian science has overtaken the whole world in understanding the laws of nature, and how far some former technological leaders lag behind Russia. We will rely only on publications in well-known scientific publications, and mention reputable scientific schools.

First of all, it should be noted the breakthrough of our scientists in the field of fundamental physics. Heated discussions about the subtlest substance, the world ether, continued throughout the previous century. Today, Russians have created a beautiful mathematical theory of ether, and an article on the subject of ether has been published in the journal "Reports of the Academy of Sciences" (2013, Volume 450, No. 2, pp.154-157). Among the academic organizations of the author's collective are the Moscow State University.Lomonosov, Scientific Research Institute of System Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Joint Institute of High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences. On the same topic, the staff of the "Physics" Faculty and the Faculty of "Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics" of Moscow State University wrote a book, which was awarded a victory in 2018 at the competition of works of the Moscow State University.Lomonosov, of outstanding importance for the development of science and education. The created mathematical theory of ether opens up exciting prospects in the knowledge of the Universe and the development of technologies at a qualitatively new level.

Another fundamental result (GGM im.Vernadsky RAS) is a mathematical relation for the hydrogen atom, first deposited in the archive of preprints of the Los Alamos National Laboratory of the USA arXiv:1402.1408 [physics.gen-ph], and then published in a special issue of the authoritative journal ActaNaturae, devoted to life sciences and biotechnology (2014, No. 1, pp.26,48). The result was presented at the International Conference on Bioorganic Chemistry, Biotechnology and Bionanotechnology, held on September 15-19, 2014 at IBH RAS. The resulting mathematical relation testifies in favor of the complex logical structure of the atom, as well as its logical properties. Mathematical calculations suggest that the atom is evolving very slowly. At the same time, there is a mathematical analogy between the evolution of organic matter at the macro and micro levels. Thus, for the first time, it is theoretically justified that the questions of the origin of life and the biosphere affect intraatomic processes.

Of great importance for astrophysics and understanding of energy processes in the universe is the discovery made on the tip of a pen at the Central Institute of Aviation Engine Engineering CIAM. Three decades ago, the phenomenon of meteorite superconductivity was predicted at CIAM, which was repeatedly referred to in their works by the largest Russian scientific authorities (Bulletin of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research No. 1-2 (61-62), January-June 2009, p. 64). In particular, a super-powerful energy effect was mentioned during the destruction of a meteor body-a superconductor in the atmosphere, accompanied by an increase in the magnetic field. Based on the materials of the discovery, a report was made at a conference held in 1995 at the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences. Only thirty years later, in March 2018, the journal "Science" published a confirmation of the CIAM forecast — a superconducting substance was found by foreign experts in two meteorites at once. The presence of superconducting matter in the Universe radically changes many ideas in the field of high-energy physics and, in particular, allows us to consider the processes of star formation and evolution from a new perspective. Interesting conclusions can be drawn about the formation and distribution of magnetic fields in space. Tempting prospects are opening up for the discovery and extraction of fundamentally new superconducting materials in outer space. In the future, space superconductors and space superconductivity can explain important information processes in the Universe and find applications for creating extremely capacious remote space information repositories.

In addition, in the 90s, a three-dimensional mathematical modeling of the fall of the largest Tunguska cosmic body in 1908 was performed at CIAM. It was established that this body was the nucleus of a comet consisting of several fragments, and moved along a south-southeastern trajectory. Thus, for half a century, the "eastern" trajectory, which was considered firmly established, actually turned out to be erroneous. Thanks to the refined trajectory, the most probable coordinates of the fallout of cometary matter became known and additional cometary hazard factors were determined. In 2007, the Russian result was published in the Proceedings of the prestigious international conference on Planetary Defense, Planetary DefenseConference, held in Washington (March 5-8, 2007, University ofWashington, USA). Subsequently, a pattern was found according to which the largest bolides of the last century took place during the years of maximum solar activity. From the point of view of asteroid-comet danger, this dramatically reduces the time interval between possible space "bombardments" of our planet to 11 years. At the same time, the assumptions of many well-known scientists about the meteoritic origin of sunspots are confirmed. In the case of meteoritic nature, the periodicity of the formation of sunspots is explained by the spiral structure of the cometary Oort cloud surrounding the Solar System.

It is easy to name a number of other remarkable achievements of Russian researchers who are far ahead of the world scientific level and are able to fundamentally change the worldview of all mankind. At the same time, the effectiveness of our scientists, regardless of various circumstances, attracts attention. For example, if we estimate the financial means necessary to obtain the above-mentioned scientific results, they would collectively amount to an astronomical sum. At the same time, not a penny of budget funds has been spent on this over the years. All studies were conducted solely on the initiative of the researchers themselves and without any special budget funding. One can only guess how grandiose the achievements of our science and technology would be with good funding, if even without targeted funds from the budget, Russian scientists manage to leave their foreign colleagues far behind. And our science officials should think about why the greatest success is achieved by researchers who do not waste their precious time on bureaucratic writing, reporting, bureaucratic delays and fighting for pennies from the budget.

There is another factor in the success of our scientists. This is the strongest and world-famous mathematical school. Literally all the mentioned results were obtained with the participation of experienced mathematicians — representatives of the scientific school of the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Moscow State University.Lomonosov. The perfect mathematical models developed by mathematicians, the computational algorithms used, numerical methods, and computer programs written helped once again raise our science to a qualitatively new level. There are impressive results that testify to the highest level of Russian science. That is, in a number of important scientific areas, our country is ahead of the world by about 30-50 years and this gap is rapidly increasing every day. It is important to properly evaluate the hard work of researchers and understand that the main component of scientific success is personnel. It is the personnel who decide everything — specific effective scientists and no one else.