Checking if it is possible to buy goods from IKEA from Russian suppliers

Checking if it is possible to buy goods from IKEA from Russian suppliers

Checking if it is possible to buy goods from IKEA from Russian suppliers

13 July, 15:52
The situation around the departure of IKEA has become the number one topic of recent weeks. The company is trying to arrange a sale of leftovers, employees of the Swedish company are fighting for their places, and buyers are looking for something to replace popular products.

Novye Izvestia found out whether it is possible to buy something from the IKEA catalog from domestic manufacturers.

Alexander Dybin

A list of IKEA replacements is being circulated on social networks and telegram channels. Suppliers who produced certain goods for the brand: from sofas to towels. We called all the enterprises from this list and found out whether it is really worth worrying about the IKEA closure and everything can be bought from their own.

The first number on this list is the Delcom40 company , which produces upholstered furniture. The company is based in Belarus in Gomel and is a "daughter" of the Polish company. In addition to IKEA, she did not supply anything to Russia. It is impossible to officially buy sofas from this company from us... yet. As the company told Novye Izvestiya, the company is actively looking for partners in the Russian Federation.

“While our products are not sold in Russia, we are in the process of looking for a distributor”, - the company said.

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The Shetrik factory from the city of Shuya (Ivanovo region) was called the supplier of knitted blankets for IKEA. The company told us that they indeed supplied several models, but now there are no finished products in warehouses, but they can be ordered.

“We knitted blankets for IKEA in two colors of milk and coffee, now customers ask for this model from time to time, we can change the color, we have already made powdery, chocolate, blue-denim. We can connect the model with a heart, which was also sold in IKEA”, - said the representative of the company.

According to the interlocutor, there are no models “like in Ikea” at retail in the online store of the factory, but they can be ordered in bulk, the minimum is 100 pieces. They refused to name the price for the minimum lot.

The St. Petersburg company NEVA TAFT, which supplied carpets for the distribution network, categorically stated that those same models were no longer sold.

“They were made for Ikea, it is no longer possible to order a new batch”, - the company said.

But the company has its own range of carpets, including those similar in print to IKEA.

Firm "Lastra" from the Novgorod region produces racks and shelves, as well as other cabinet furniture. A company spokesman told Novye Izvestia that an exact copy of the "Swedish" racks could not be obtained.

“We produce products using the same technology and the same materials, but in different sizes,” the company said, “there is nothing left of the IKEA assortment in warehouses, but there are analogues, in addition, we will produce racks of any size for wholesalers”.

The Shuisky calico company , which was the supplier of bed linen, apparently got around the fastest and put up for sale analogues of what it supplied to IKEA. And retaining the "Swedish" size. It is a well-known fact that all the furniture in the stores was of non-standard sizes, which forced buyers to take not only, for example, a kitchen, but also built-in appliances for it, because the other did not fit. It is the same with beds and sofas, which only fit your own linen.

“Having lost one of its strategic partners, the Shuisky Sitzy company found a solution to the problem by looking at it through the eyes of the end user,” the company told Novye Izvestia. - People are distressed by the need to give up their preferences. The problem of the consumer is exacerbated by the fact that the size range of bed linen, which fans of European brands are accustomed to, differs significantly from the traditional Russian one. Their square two-meter blanket simply does not fit into a duvet cover from the shelves of Russian stores. At the end of April, we launched a new brand, YERRNA, directly offering semi-sets and sheets in the quality and size that consumers want.”

The import-substituting collection is actively sold on marketplaces.

The Runko company was called a supplier of wooden chairs. However, Novye Izvestia found out that this was not the case.

“We supplied timber to the Ikea factories in Novgorod and Tikhvin,” a company representative said, “we really have chairs, but we have our own, this is our model, tables and other furniture will appear before the end of the year”.

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But you can still find an analogue of the Ingholf model chair, it is produced by the Stroganini furniture company from the Leningrad Region under the name Inga. Chairs of a recognizable look are sold on Avito.

The Kozhprommebel factory from Ryazan supplied leather sofas. The official store of the factory noted that there were single models in Ikea and now they cannot be found. But the factory has its own chain of stores and a huge selection of furniture that is not associated with IKEA either. They also disowned the Swedes in the company that sells towels of the Cleanelly brand, which is part of the Donetsk Manufactory holding.

“We didn’t do anything for IKEA, the information in social networks is not true”, - the company said.

Recall that the IKEA retail chain announced the departure of their Russia. The company plans to sell three of its factories and close a dozen stores. As Novye Izvestiya reported, employees of enterprises and shops refused to quit, demanding official layoffs and guarantees of jobs, or the conclusion of a collective agreement. At the same time, IKEA has been trying to launch a sale of leftovers since the beginning of July. At first, buyers could not buy goods on the site, then part of the money was frozen, and now access to the site with a sale is possible only after the buyer “rebuilds” the electronic queue.

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