To leave the "captivity": How the residents and the municipal deputy recaptured the house from the invaders

To leave the "captivity": How the residents and the municipal deputy recaptured the house from the invaders
To leave the "captivity": How the residents and the municipal deputy recaptured the house from the invaders
3 June 2020, 11:46City
The shootout in the south of Moscow on May 24 this year unexpectedly revealed that the defendants in this case participated in the work of the management company with a funeral bias, which for several years seized houses in the center of Moscow and hung billions of dollars in debt to the owners.

Ketevan HARAIDZE, deputy of the municipal district of Tver, Moscow

A few months ago I was contacted from the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow. This was not a simple appeal, but already a desperate cry for help from people who had lost all hope of justice. The inhabitants of the beautiful, old Moscow house, the cultural heritage object “Profitable House of I. E. Kuznetsov” wrote Myasnitskaya 15.

By that time they had written tons of letters to all authorities, including the presidential administration. But for some reason no one was in a hurry to defend the legitimate interests of the inhabitants. Having taken up the solution to the problem, I didn’t even imagine that I was starting a war with semi-criminal structures armed to the teeth, who had come to Moscow from the glorious city of Orenburg, who had become famous two days ago with shootings in the south of the capital. The business of businessmen turned out to be multidisciplinary and on a grand scale. From the funeral “Grand Ritual”, to the management of apartment buildings, but not simple, but exclusively objects of Cultural Heritage, in the very center of Moscow.

The owner of this business, as it turned out now, after an unsuccessful attempt to become governor of Orenburg, turned his eyes to the capital. Having settled in Moscow, the businessman created a management company for apartment buildings with the completely Moscow name Arbat Service. Forging the signatures of unsuspecting residents of Myasnitskaya 15, the company seized not only the management of the house, but also withdrew the HOA account from the cap fund. repair by transferring funds to your own. And then she tried to put the house, according to the same fake protocols, for overhaul. But not a simple overhaul. And to the “modernization of the building” with a superstructure of the attic at the cultural heritage site! Having previously appointed, by the same fake protocols, the manager of the house a resident who wants to build this attic.

But this is only the beginning of the detective story. The list of works that the management company made for major repairs of the house and for which, by a fake “decision” of the owners intended to take out a loan for the repair of the building, at the lowest prices is ONE BILLION TWO MILLION RUBLES! Residents, of course, did not manage to accumulate such an amount on the account. And the loan, as we understand it, was to be paid in equal shares to each owner of apartments of a not very large house of the HOA "Profitable House I.E. Kuznetsova. " By that time, the company already had experience in falsifying owners' decisions.

The first sign was a house on the corner of Arbat and Starokonyushenny Lane. These events were described in detail in 2016 in the book of Elizabeth Topalova's “House on the Arbat.” The scheme over the years, as we understand, has been improved. In 2019, the line reached 15 Myasnitskaya.

Upon learning of such an “unexpected joy”, the inhabitants of Myasnitsky 15 urgently convened a general meeting. In September 2019, residents decided to return the account to the FCR and to replace the management company with Housing. But it was not there. The funeral management company was not going to surrender its position. But no one was in a hurry to consider letters and appeals of residents. Since the Krasnoselsky district is also part of the Central Administrative District, I asked the Prefecture of the Central Administrative District to help residents and speed up the process. The Prefecture promised to solve the problem in an accelerated mode by the first of April.

But although on April 20, 2020, the Moscow Housing Inspectorate issued order No. 7296-rl, according to which the house on Myasnitskaya was transferred to the management of the Zhilishnik Krasnoselsky District public institution, Arbat Service not only refused to transfer the management of the house to a state company, but also went on the attack. having filed a lawsuit against residents. Which is scheduled for June.

The Krasnoselsky District Government, for its part, also delayed the inclusion of Myasnitskaya, 15, in the register of houses managed by Zhilishnik, and did not intervene in what was happening. So the decision was only on paper. This scheme at Arbat Service also proved to be worked out. To the house on Myasnitskaya, they returned their home from the Arbat Service management, in September 2018, residents of the house Podkolokolny per. 16/2. But their victory remained only on paper. Legally, the house "Arbat-service" has not yet passed and continues to manage it.

As a result, the inhabitants of a huge, one of the most beautiful houses in Moscow (House of the architect Golosov, TSN "Pokrovsky Gate") are now recorded in debtors and deprived of subsidies. I had to once again apply to the Prefecture of the Central Administrative District with a request to contact the Krasnoselsky District Administration, saying a couple of “affectionate” words to them. And these words, perhaps not very affectionate, were spoken.

VICTORY! Residents of the house have just reported that their house appeared in the Zhilishnik registry and all the necessary documents were received two days ago from Arbat Service. On this day, the funeral management company was no longer up to Myasnitskaya, 15. Its employees, consisting of 20 people, set fire from all the guns in the courtyard of a Moscow apartment building in the south of the capital. And only after the police managed to detain 15 bandits from the Moscow branch of the Orenburg funeral "Grand Ritual", the trace led to that same Arbat Service Management Company.

Whatever happens in your life, remember one thing: if you are right, then victory will certainly be on your side. Just don't give up!

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