8 thousand inhabitants on one patch: renovation distinguished itself by another crazy project

8 thousand inhabitants on one patch: renovation distinguished itself by another crazy project
8 thousand inhabitants on one patch: renovation distinguished itself by another crazy project
4 June 2020, 16:43City
On the site of the legendary Moscow radio center, KROST plans to build residential buildings 120 meters high as part of the renovation.

In the public of the Khoroshevsky district of Moscow, shocking information about the new construction plans of the KROST concern has been published:

The density of the new residential development is planned CATASTROPHIC.

Without a shadow of exaggeration.

Once, when discussing the concept of renovation, 25 thousand square meters. ha were repeatedly called Sobyanin and Khusnullin, now advanced up to the federal level, as the extreme and exceptional density limit of new renovation buildings.

It was a lot, but they promised almost everywhere "low-rise quarter building" in 6-7-many 9 floors, and only in some places the maximum number of floors is not higher than 14 floors, and only there, on these spots, the density is 25 thousand.

After the publication of the first renovation projects, it turned out that their density almost everywhere exceeds 25, and in one project it reaches even 41 thousand ... Then it became clear that such a density will be not only at launch sites, but over the entire area of most renovation blocks .

And what about the new infrastructure - kindergartens, schools, clinics - while almost no plans to build . Hope mainly on the old objects built Khrushchev and Brezhnev era. That in the majority of future “renovated” quarters, the real provision of infrastructure directly in the projects is simply and routinely indicated several times less than the current and publicly available Moscow standards.

And now - for the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki district, the moment of truth comes.

Residential buildings 120 meters high (about 40 floors) will be built on the site of the radio center . Only slightly lower than those already built by Krost in the corner of the 75th quarter. And they will be delivered hyper-tightly .


163,300 square meters of apartments are being planned - that is, according to the actual metropolitan norm of "20 years in advance" as recognized by the Chief Architect of Moscow, this means 8165 new residents .

Which will require about 3300 parking spaces at the official rate... and thousands of places in kindergartens and schools!

They will need to be treated somewhere, walk, shop, go to work.

Is there any construction of social infrastructure facilities for these houses - everyone can easily answer this question by looking at the picture in the topic.

Built-in garden in the ground floor of one of the towers... a very small garden. And that’s all.

According to reports, the transaction for the purchase of “Octode” by “Krost” was closed only last May.

And on May 27, the Moskomarchitektury Order appeared under a remarkable number - No. 666 "On the preparation of a draft amendment to the land use and development rules of the city of Moscow in relation to the territory at the address: ul. Demyan Poor, ow. 24 (cad. No. 77: 08: 0010004: 49), SZAO ”for transferring the smaller of the plots for residential development, with the demolition of the historic building of the Oktyabrsky radio center in the style of early constructivism, 1928-29. the buildings. It is worth paying attention to the unequivocal offers to future residents to use the "developed existing" old urban infrastructure "in the immediate vicinity", within a radius of one and a half kilometers - after all, new social facilities for residents of these giant houses are not provided for by the Krost project.

At the same time, the land plot of GKN 77: 08: 0010004: 64 (DAZU No. 77-01 / 05-02 / 2002-1983 of 03.22.2002), where these 120-meter towers are going to build, according to , is located:

- in the zone of distribution of dangerous geological processes "Karst-suffoise processes - Potential karst danger", a very dangerous category;

- in the zone of the territory and the zone of protection of objects of cultural heritage - "Zone of protected natural landscape";

- in the zone of natural and green areas of the North-West Administrative District No. 122, approved by the Moscow Government Decree of 19.01.1999 N 38 "On project proposals to establish the boundaries of the Natural Complex with their description and fixing by acts of red lines".

- in the zone of the protected landscape, approved by the decree of the Government of Moscow dated 12.28.1999 No. 1215 “On approval of the protection zones of historical and cultural monuments of Moscow (on the territory between the Kamer-Kollezhsky Val and the administrative border of the city)”.

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