Kennel without the corners: the chief architect of Moscow presented a pipe-apartment

Kennel without the corners: the chief architect of Moscow presented a pipe-apartment
5 April , 09:56City
The fierce discussions of the shameless statements of the chief architect of the capital, Sergei Kuznetsov, about the selfishness of Muscovites defending their green yards from logging and barbaric urban planning initiatives of the Moscow Architecture Committee had not yet calmed down.

But the chief architect gave a new reason for the discussion.


At the Archstoyanie festival, he presented “ his first project - a habitable cell, an ideal pipe with a shiny surface from the point of view of geometry and materials”. And here we are presented with a unique case - to analyze the level of his professional competence based on the work he did himself.

So, let's start with the loud statements of the chief architect. For example, such:

Столичные СМИ уже раструбили про новацию Кузнецова

“For me, this is very Personal, because I try to make my projects as perfect as possible...” or such “In functional terms, it will be a full-fledged residential building with all the necessary communications”.

Is it really? And what does Kuznetsov actually offer?

Let's remember the basic things. When living in a house, especially in a house made “as ideal as possible”, you need appropriate comfort. Convenience and comfort of living in a house, as you know, depend on its structure, a sufficient composition of premises and their areas . For this, architects use competent functional zoning.

Before you is a plan with the arrangement of furniture in the "Kuznetsovsky" pipe-house.

At first glance, it becomes clear that the statement of the chief architect of Moscow that this is a "full-fledged residential building" does not correspond to reality. In the house-pipe there is no central room of the house - the living room, and this is a room that must be provided in the house. This error is gross even for an architectural student. Instead of a living room, we see how Sergei Olegovich made the main premises of the house, combining the intimate space of the bedroom with the space of the kitchen. Moreover, Kuznetsov did it extremely ineptly. He placed the bed, which was firmly fixed, protruding from the wall, close to the kitchen. The distance from the bar to the edge of the bed is only 65 cm - you need to climb onto the chair sideways, after exhaling, one awkward movement and the person flies from the bar stool to the sleeping place. Of course, there is no talk of any hygiene.

Очевидно, что "новация" Кузнецова навеяна балками, столь популярными среди первопроходцев Крайнего Севера

Moreover, the chief architect does not even know the actual size of the bed. A full bed has a length of 2 meters 10 cm.In the Kuznetsovsky pipe house we see a shorty bed 1 meter 90 cm long.But even with such a truncated length of the bed, it is not possible to pass it normally, since the distance for the passage is only 60 cm ( I immediately recall the indignation of Muscovites by the narrow passage in the new renovated building - but even there the passage was 20 cm wider, it was equal to 80 cm). Of course, we are not talking about any full-fledged kitchen either - a narrow kitchen module, about 190 cm long, the absence of a full-fledged refrigerator, a narrow hob for two burners - this is a super-hard economy class. Further we see a tiny combined bathroom, a mini hallway and... that's it.

This is exactly how, judging by his words, the chief architect of Moscow sees a full-fledged residential building. It should be noted separately that in the house, in addition to the living room, there are completely no auxiliary premises. There is nowhere to store things. Moreover, due to the fact that this is a pipe house, you will not be able to place full-fledged wardrobes there - the shape of the walls will not allow you to do this.

The result is an extremely inconvenient, functionally illiterately solved object.

The statements of the leader are saturated with pathos: “The trumpet is a symbol, of course, ironic, but at the same time powerful. Our natural resources - oil, gas - flow through it, and so a Russian architect came and built an Ideal Pipe on Russian soil".

Reality is rougher and harsher. Where can we see the prototype of the trumpet house? You won't have to search for a long time. We will see this very pipe in the plans. economy class studio apartments, which are now actively offered to Muscovites.

This is the real level in the sphere urban planning of Moscow and, from my point of view, the personal professional ceiling of Sergei Kuznetsova. Such a pipe house is a real shame in our architectural community.


Muscovites are not indifferent to the architectural appearance and comfort of city life. Project of the main architect caused a lively response in social networks.

Little renovation and modular houses, now Kuznetsov offers to live in a pipe. So it will come to cardboard boxes, and to telephone booths. For the population, of course, they themselves will not move there. I have a question: where in our native capital will they find land with a difference in the height of the relief for each individual pipe? Or, as usual, will they pile up their floors by 30-40? And if he proposes to place such pipes in the mountains on individual sites, then what about the communications? Are we going to walk by ourselves?

In reality, the city must be saved from such a chief architect of Moscow. And it is necessary to save him, as it seems to me, from intoxicating substances

Valeria Morgunova Very symbolic. Our pipe from Moscow with everything that flows from it will lay on your glades.

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