Pay or get out! Museum of folk toys "Zabavushka" fell under the skating rink of officials

Pay or get out! Museum of folk toys "Zabavushka" fell under the skating rink of officials
Pay or get out! Museum of folk toys "Zabavushka" fell under the skating rink of officials
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In April, "Novye Izvestia" published an article "Slander, checks, eviction: the Museum of the folk toy" Zabavushka "has no time for fun", which told that a remarkable, in its own way unique museum is threatened with eviction from the premises that it had four years ago received from the state for free use.

Maria Dubinskaya

Директор Музея народной игрушки «Забавушка» Елена Галенко и председатель РОО Общество «Традиция» Алексей Санкин в 2018 году получили грант Мэра Москвы в конкурсе для некоммерческих организаций.

After the release of this material, according to the museum staff, a faint hope dawned that it would still be possible to establish a constructive dialogue with the management of the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow. However, then from the side of officials followed, to put it mildly, strange actions.

Here is what Alexey Sankin, Chairman of the Regional Public Organization Society "Tradition", told us, which held in 1998 a game exhibition-studio of Russian folk toys, which was soon transformed into the Museum of folk toys "Zabavushka":

“The strangeness is this. First, the deputy head of the Territorial Administration, Aslan Kudukhov, on April 8 signed a repeated notice of our eviction, only more formidable. This notice was in response to our letter in which we stated our disagreement with the charges against us.

Then, after reading an article in Novye Izvestia, he personally, accompanied by an assistant, arrived on April 13 at the object - a property complex at the address Moscow, 1st Pugachevskaya st., 17, buildings 1, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7, 8, which in 2017 was transferred to our organization for free use for the conduct of statutory activities and the implementation of the project Interactive cultural and educational center "Tradition".

Since none of the representatives of the Territorial Administration of the Federal Property Management Agency had warned us in advance about his visit, I did not meet with them, as at that time I was at a business meeting in another place. Nevertheless, the meeting with A.V. Kudukhov and the head of the lease relations department Elina Brul did take place, but already in the Territorial Administration itself.

And do you know what the conversation was about and what was proposed to our organization? We were offered to lease the premises that were handed over to the RPO Society “Tradition” for free use several years ago!

The officials did not consider other options for resolving the situation. We were advised to think about everything and meet again in about ten days. On that and parted. The next meeting, which was supposed to take place in the last days of April, never took place. Several times I called the head of the rental relations department E. A. Brul, who, in turn, could not contact her boss (Kudukhov) to arrange a meeting. As a result, referring to the fact that A. V. Kudukhov has regular meetings, we decided to call and meet after the May holidays, that is, after May 10.

And then the following happens: first, we quite accidentally learned that the TU of the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow on April 29 filed a lawsuit against the RPO Society "Tradition" about termination of the contract and eviction. And then, a few days later, we received a letter from the TU Rosimushchestvo in Moscow, signed by A.V. significant projects and a proposal, only now in writing, to consider the issue of renting premises that we now use free of charge!

That is, it turns out that A.V. Kudukhov, being the deputy head of the Territorial Administration of the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow, did not know that someone else from the same department ALREADY initiated a lawsuit with our organization, since he himself signed the letter after that how the lawsuit was filed. Or was going to court a mild form of blackmail?

In general, frankly speaking, at first we got the impression that the actions of the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow in relation to our organization are somehow illogical and inconsistent.

Further more.

Firstly, the TU Rosimushchestvo did not consider it necessary to send us a claim so that we could familiarize ourselves with it and have the opportunity to prepare objections. We saw this claim, or rather a copy of it, only on May 18, when we ourselves made a request to the court.

Finally, at the same time, we saw a copy of the act, which was the result of that very last unscheduled check and in which there is not a word of truth, but only unsubstantiated accusations against us.

Так выглядит один из залов Музея "Забавушка".

But the most interesting thing is that on June 3, when the first court session was scheduled, no one came from the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow. Therefore, the court left the statement of claim without consideration.

But the very next day, on June 4, the Federal Property Management Agency again filed a lawsuit against us: also about eviction and also according to the same scheme - the claim was not sent to us, as the defendant, and at the time of publication of this article we did not see it, although the first meeting took place and the court ordered the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow to provide us with the original claim.

And not so long ago, another event took place, which only explains and confirms what the real intentions of the Federal Property Management Agency in relation to our organization are.

On June 22, we were checked by the Preobrazhenskaya interdistrict prosecutor's office in Moscow. Let's start with the fact that the prosecutor's office did not consider it necessary to notify the head of the organization about the upcoming inspection at least a symbolic half hour, although according to the law this should be done at least 24 hours in advance, and I was not there. Therefore, Elena Galenko, an employee of our organization, came to the inspectors.

One of the inspectors turned out to be the deputy prosecutor of the Preobrazhenskaya interdistrict prosecutor's office, Alexander Viktorovich Orlov!

When Elena asked what the essence of the check was, it was said: “checking the use of federal property”. By the way, we have carried out inspections with a similar wording since 2017 at least once a year. The last time from the same Preobrazhenskaya interdistrict prosecutor's office, literally last year, a senior assistant to the prosecutor Yulia Shabalaeva, who came on June 22, together with the deputy prosecutor, carried out an inspection. In 2020, Ms. Shabalaeva came twice and received all the documents that she requested. We, as usual, were not informed about the results of the check, but at the same time we did not receive any instructions on violations.

At the request of Elena Galenko to show the decision on the check, the deputy prosecutor demanded to show his passport, as well as a threat to take our officer to the police station to find out his identity.

When I returned to my workplace, I was still shown the decision to conduct an audit, which included completely different goals: "confirmation or refutation of information about violations of federal law requirements, compliance with civil law requirements and compliance with consumer rights." Prosecutors began to put pressure on me in a rather aggressive manner and offered to confess to conducting illegal commercial activities. Then, according to them, the organization will get off with just a small fine for an administrative violation, otherwise, as the deputy prosecutor said, there will be more serious consequences. Naturally, we did not agree with yet another sweeping accusation.

As a small remark, I want to clarify: if the prosecutor's office during the inspection acts within the framework of the Federal Law of December 26, 2008 N 294-FZ "On the Protection of the Rights of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs in the Exercise of State Control (Supervision) and Municipal Control", then the very fact such a check implies that someone dissatisfied has filed a complaint with the audited organization to infringe on his rights as a consumer, and the organization ignored the appeal. As you probably already guessed, our organization did not receive any complaints or claims, but the prosecutor's check, whether legitimate or not, nevertheless took place.

Then our communication with representatives of the prosecutor's office took on a more peaceful character. In conclusion, I showed them the organization's audit log, which has been kept since 2016, which, in particular, reflects all the inspections of the Preobrazhenskaya interdistrict prosecutor's office, to which the deputy prosecutor said words that are worthy of being carved on a memorial plaque: “I understand everything. But if the Federal Property Management Agency decided to evict you, it will do it ”. Let me clarify: these words were spoken in the presence of four employees of the ROO Society "Tradition".


Question: for what and in the name of what (or who) is it necessary? Why did we not please the Federal Property Management Agency, in this case, someone who signs orders for unscheduled inspections and why, judging by the development of events, the result of the inspection, in spite of everything, should be the termination of the contract?

Speaking about optimization of federal property in this case is simply ridiculous! Buildings on the street 1st Pugachevskaya, 17 were built in 1917, 1956, they, as Novye Izvestia already wrote, have not seen major repairs for a long time, because the owner, represented by the Federal Property Management Agency, simply does not need it, respectively, these premises are rented for serious no sane leader will take money.

But a land plot located in a good area of Moscow between three metro stations (Preobrazhenskaya Square, Cherkizovskaya, Lokomotiv MCC) may even be of interest to someone. However, the only obstacle to its commercial development is our organization, which has a gratuitous use agreement until 2032, which is an encumbrance.

The fact is that in 2017, when federal premises were transferred to our organization for free use, the land plot around buildings with an area of almost 1.5 hectares was not registered in state ownership, so it was impossible to get an extract from the Federal Register for it.

Who do you think was involved in the registration of land in state ownership? That's right - we are! The TU Rosimushchestvo in Moscow then reported that they did not have the financial ability to deal with this procedure, so the entire organizational and material burden was taken on by a non-profit organization - Society "Tradition". Anyone who has come across land registration understands what is at stake. The process lasted a year and a half. In 2018, the land plot was registered in accordance with the law and became federal property.

As you understand, we did not see or hear thanks, but in the same 2018, in December, there was another unscheduled check, and the first attempt to deprive us of premises already in 2019 (which was also mentioned in the first article of Novye Izvestia about us, dated April 6).

It's hard to believe that this is a coincidence. Because the passionate desire of the Federal Property Management Agency to evict us from the premises provided has not gone anywhere, and this year everything continues, only with even greater pressure.

The grounds for unscheduled inspections are the same complaints initiated by the same persons - V. G. Babin and A. V. Landyshev.

The picture more or less developed after the inspection of the prosecutor's office on June 22, which was also initiated after a complaint (or statement) of some disgruntled citizen unknown to us. Therefore, we have every reason to assume that someone who is interested in this piece of land is acting with the help of the two former authors of complaints, which are actively and passionately fulfilled by officials of the Federal Property Management Agency and the Prosecutor's Office (Moscow, Vostochny Okrug and Preobrazhenskaya), not paying attention to the fact that that the grounds are the same - the use of federal property. And since they do not find violations, they look for any trifle that can be interpreted as at least some kind of violation, disregarding the law and common sense.


The saddest thing, in our opinion, in this whole story is that officials from the Federal Property Management Agency and the prosecutor's office do not think at all that the eviction of our organization is tantamount to its destruction.

No one cares that if this happens, thousands of children, from preschoolers to high school students, as well as their parents and teachers - and thousands of people come to us every year - will no longer be able to visit the Zabavushka Folk Toy Museum located in one of the buildings of the federal complex , and in a fun way to get acquainted with Russian traditional culture, one of the brightest manifestations of which is a folk toy from different regions of Russia.

Where is the logic and common sense? The President of Russia declared the next year 2022 the Year of Folk Art, and the Federal Property Management Agency, in the name of some apparently higher goals, is trying to evict our organization - the Tradition Society, which has been promoting folk art for almost 23 years and thanks to which it still exists Museum of folk toys "Zabavushka".

It can also be added that in case of termination of the contract, together with us, the headquarters of the Taekwondo Federation (ITF) of Russia, which is a member of the international federation, will lose a roof over their heads.

The Federation not only does a great job to attract the younger generation to sports, a healthy lifestyle throughout Russia, but also represents the country at various international competitions, bringing gold, silver and bronze medals to their homeland. By the way, the Taekwondo Federation for active work on the development and promotion of martial arts was awarded a diploma of the Russian Union of Martial Arts, signed by S.V. Kirienko and Yu.P. Trutnev.

The Sports Training Center , created by the joint efforts of our organization and the Taekwondo Federation, where various sections are organized, will also be on the street. Trainings with children are conducted by our employee Alexander Leonov - an international master of sports, a prize-winner of the World and European championships, an excellent teacher who is loved and respected by children.

Developing the sports direction, our organization last year made another sports ground - an indoor arena for playing football for children in the cold season. In all this we invest our own funds, implementing one of our most significant projects, the Interactive Cultural and Educational Center "Tradition", for the development of which we, in fact, were provided with premises free of charge in 2017.

In a previous article in Novye Izvestia dated April 6, it was mentioned that the project, for the implementation of which we received federal premises for free use until 2032, was developed in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 683 of December 31, 2015 "On the National Security Strategy Russian Federation". This year, on July 2, a new Decree "On the National Security Strategy" was issued.

Photo:Фото предоставлены РОО "Традиция""
Мастер спорта Александр Леонов международного класса, призёр чемпионатов Мира и Европы проводит в помещении РОО Общество «Традиция» занятия в Центре спортивной подготовки
Photo:Фото предоставлены РОО "Традиция""

We have carefully studied the new decree and noted that, in accordance with it, it turns out that our activities are becoming even more significant and fully consistent with the national interests of the Russian Federation.

However, the actions of officials from the Federal Property Management Agency and the prosecutor's office suggest that they do not read the presidential decrees at all and they absolutely do not care what is written there.

Photo:Фото предоставлены РОО "Традиция""
Photo:Фото предоставлены РОО "Традиция""

Well, hope, as they say, is the last to die. I really want to believe that the leaders of these structures will nevertheless find time to read at least this last decree (we can even suggest which pages) and will call on their employees to do the real thing, and not practice falsifying facts and engage in forgery, so far, to to my great regret, they are doing very well".

From the editors: all documents confirming the stated circumstances and facts have been transferred to the disposal of Novye Izvestia.

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